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Your Website is Open for Business – But Who Knows It?

Are you a new company trying to expand your web presence?  You are right in assuming that you must take the Internet world by storm if you want to be noticed.  However, establishing a strong web presence for your company and creating a website are two entirely different projects.

There are millions, perhaps billions of websites in cyberspace.  A simple Google search for the term “website” comes up with one and a half billion results.  You face some immense competition.  In fact, unless you can come up with a web marketing strategy, most people will probably never find your website.

Enter Search Engine Optimization and article marketing.  Your website is just a spot in the “web” of millions of other websites out there.  However, with careful attention to search engine strategy and keyword phrasing you can find your audience.  You can increase your search engine rankings.  You can boost sales.

Quality SEO firms may offer any of the following services:

  • Linkbuilding
  • Article Marketing
  • SEO Packages
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Reputation Management
  • Press Releases
  • E-Books
  • Blogs
  • Article Series (with customizable word count and topics)

Why not look up an SEO firm today and start budgeting for original, informative and search engine-friendly content?

Website New Year’s Resolutions for 2011

ballpark5Words You Want wishes you a great 2011 and hopes your web marketing campaign is successful.  Now is definitely the time to invest in your web marketing campaign, as outsourcing, telecommuting, website presence and web communication are becoming more and more important in day-to-day business.

We have a few New Year’s resolutions of our own in the offices of Words You Want and are excited about our prospects for the coming twelve months.  How about you?  Have you made any New Year’s Resolutions yet?  If you’re trying to establish your web presence, then by all means, start planning for the future.

Here are New Year’s resolutions that some of our clients have been wishing for.  We are definitely ready to help them meet their goals!

  • More press releases, targeting local and national news
  • More SEO packages, with informative and relevant keyword-oriented material
  • More article marketing services, which establishes credibility and helps build links
  • More eBooks, which help to boost sales, win over customers and promote a brand name
  • Less overseas outsourcing and more grammatically correct English!
  • More blog writing, which has personal appeal to readers
  • More higher caliber writing, to reach a specialized audience
  • More social media marketing, which is where the Internet audience congregates
  • A new “face lift” for an existing website so the company can reach new readers and start fresh with SEO-friendly programming, articles and software

If you have a few New Year’s resolutions of your own for your company then share your thoughts with us.  Let us act as your SEO consultant and we can plan a web marketing campaign that will make your company shine in 2011!

How Article Marketing SEO Packages Work

A lot of our clients at Words You Want have questions regarding what exactly SEO packages are and how the process works.  The process is simple.  Once you decide that you want to try our web marketing strategies, you place an order and then communicate with us regarding your article specifications.

If you have ordered one of our SEO packages, then you need to send a separate email with your keywords/topics, your pen name and the two links you want to include in your resource box.  However, many of our clients contact us after the fact to give specifics on article direction, writing style, and appropriate subject matter.  We encourage these notes and tidbits, as they help us to better match a freelance writer to the project, avoid costly rewrites, and allow us to finish the project immediately.

When choosing article marketing, we provide one resource box to subtly promote your company according to the requirements of major article directories.  This is where you can include the two links and special anchor text that you would like to use.  This anchor text should be the keywords that you want to improve your search engine ranking for.

As soon as the articles are finished and professionally edited and evaluated, we send the articles back awaiting your approval.  When you approve the articles sent to you, we submit your articles to five of the most important and highly trafficked websites on a week to week basis.

We then provide profile links so you can see the posted articles “live.” (If you use our services monthly, save these links, as they will show all of the articles that we post for you.)  For the best search engine ranking results, we encourage you to regularly order article marketing services.  The search engines reward websites that have a combination of:

  • High quality content
  • Popularity
  • Keyword relevancy and repetition
  • A quantity of articles over a period of weeks, months and years
  • External and internal links

In order to achieve the maximum satisfaction for your purchase, we encourage you to keep precise web tracking statistics (you can see your sources of traffic from the directories in your web analytics program) so you can track your return on investment and feel confident about the gains you are reporting.

What Do Cheap SEO Packages Buy You?

What do cheap SEO packages buy you? There’s a big difference between cheap packages and affordable practices. Ideally, none of us in the SEO business want to sell a cheap product. Cheap web content doesn’t “sell.” Search engines don’t like bad writing and neither do your customers. Here are four characteristics of bad web writing. Avoid these issues by avoiding the lowest offer.

1. Plagiarism

Cheap SEO packages mean nothing if there is a lack of original content. Some freelance writers will recycle web articles and merely use underhanded tactics in attempt to increase web rankings. (These are called “black hat” SEO tricks) Unfortunately, they do not work. Search engines will not list web pages that are duplicates of existing pages. Furthermore, a case of plagiarism could land you in legal trouble. Why not opt for quality SEO packages for a low price that guarantee original content?

2. Poor English and Grammar

Cheap SEO packages should be cheap for you, but not cheap in writing quality. Make sure that you speak to someone who can assure you that they employ a staff of native English speakers. Outsourcing web content overseas usually results in broken English, bad grammar, incorrect spelling, and a general lapse in coherent thought. Good writing is not all about attitude or excitement—it’s about word choice, sentence structure and voice.

3. Inaccurate Information

Cheap SEO packages are discounted for quantity. However, the cheapest of the cheap will only bring you inaccurate information. As soon as your audience figures out that you have no idea what you’re talking about, you have lost them forever. An SEO firm only employs writers who are careful to verify dubious information before writing it. You must come across as an authority. Quality SEO articles are worth paying for. However, they do not have to be expensive.

4. Robot Articles

There is nothing literate human beings hate worse than reading robot articles, that is, articles produced for search engines. These are the SEO equivalent of SPAM. They target no one in particular and gratuitously use keywords in hopes of getting high rankings. Unfortunately, cheap SEO packages that cheapen the writing face the wrath of human editors and ruthless online viewers who use that “back” button like an automatic rifle. Make sure that your web content is always interesting, informative, up to date and relevant to a targeted search.

You can find cheap SEO packages that are still high in quality. Contact Words You Want and get new updates on their SEO blog.

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