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You Need to Find a Press Release Writer Now

If you want your company to be successful, there are certain steps you have to take. You can’t sit back, let your website run itself and expect business to flock to your door. It just doesn’t work that way and with so much competition on the web, you have to step up your game to avoid getting lost in the dust.

That’s not all either. With recent changes to how the massive search engine called Google works and crawls websites, you have to be even more careful about how you approach marketing your presence online.

If you don’t already have a press release writer, stop what you are doing and hire one. This should be considered an absolute must for the health of your business. Surely, you are wondering why press releases are so important. It all has to do with the newest updates from Google.

Penguins, Pandas, Oh My

The Google company has a habit of giving cute names to their updates and operating platforms. However, just because it’s called Penguin 2.0 doesn’t mean it’s cute and fuzzy and it certainly doesn’t look like it’s wearing a tuxedo.

Instead, this update has wreaked havoc on the Internet, causing people of all types a wide variety of problems. This new change has cracked down on how web pages and blogs are scoured, ensuring that underhanded and “spammy” methods of getting traffic are no longer acceptable.

For you, this means you have to take extra steps to ensure you aren’t doing anything that could hurt your search engine rankings. This is where a press release writer comes into play.

Now, with the changes to the Google algorithm, anything deemed repetitive will be flagged. That causes problems for anyone who blogs or submits guest blogs. However, PRs are exempt from the rule. They are considered news, and that means they can be linked with sites all over the Internet. That could open up new doors for you, and you don’t have to spend time worrying about Google and your search engine rankings.

Hiring a Quality Writer

Of course, if you want your press releases to do any good, you have to choose a high quality press release writer. There is a big difference between a professional and a “professional”.

If you choose a writer based solely on cost, you are likely to end up with poor quality content that will cause you more harm than good. You must always keep in mind that people really do read those PRs, so they have to be well-written.

By seeking out and choosing a professional press release writer, you can achieve two things: you will draw in more business and your search engine rank will increase.

Right now, more than ever, you need to hire a press release writer. It’s simply the best decision for the health of your business. Because so much has changed recently through Google updates, building your search engine rankings can be quite difficult unless you choose to make smart decisions about how you market your company.

PR Writer: Why You Should Hire One

One of the easiest and cheapest ways of getting free publicity is to issue a press release.  A well-written press release can end up being distributed to thousands of publications around the planet, on the web, in print, television and radio. Plus they are a great addition to your overall content strategy.  A press release can garner an awful lot of public attention for your business, and won’t cost you a dime – unless you hire someone to write it for you.

The reasons for hiring a professional PR writer to pen your press releases are numerous, the most obvious one being that this person is a professional who deals with the media, and knows what will appeal to them and what will not.  A PR writer will write your press release with the media in mind, and will zero in on interesting tidbits that you might overlook, being altogether too close to the subject.  Your PR writer’s objectivity will allow him or her to see your business as the media will, and will highlight the best and most interesting features.

Professional versus Amateur

A professionally written press release will also be taken more seriously by the media personnel who receive it.  On a slow news day, media outlets rely on press releases to fill their pages, and will publish a well written one much more quickly than something they have to rewrite substantially.  A good writer can produce a press release that will more than likely be used as is, giving you the advantage that what you want published goes out practically verbatim.

A good press release writer can also write your release so as to make even the most mundane events seem interesting and exciting, increasing the chances of getting the story published.  While your goal is to get your message out to potential customers, media outlets are looking for a human-interest story, which your PR writer will thoughtfully provide them.

A good writer can also write with search engine optimization in mind, to get back-links and traffic to your site.  Your PR writer will take advantage of all of the possible ways to use that press release to increase your traffic, which is the whole objective of issuing a press release in the first place.

Feature Stories

A well-written press release is vital to your overall PR content strategy and may bring you the ultimate benefit of inspiring a reporter to do a feature story on your business or project, something not likely to happen when you issue an amateurish piece that ends up at the bottom of the pile.  There’s obviously no guarantee of this happening; a story has to be newsworthy, after all, but sharp writing commands attention, and a well written press release will get you an awful lot closer than a poor one.

Finally, a press release costs nothing to issue in many outlets, and has the possibility of bringing you all kinds of free publicity from a wide variety of sources.  It’s worth making a reasonable investment in hiring a professional PR writer to make the very best use of the opportunity.


Why Press Releases Cost More than Articles

I often get the question “Why do PRs cost so much more than articles?” Our standard rate for press releases is $100, while our standard rate for a 400 word article is $12.

The answer is actually quite simple – they have to be newsworthy.

Sometimes finding something newsworthy about a website or a company can be rather difficult. There’s not always a new launch or a new product or a new event happening. Sometimes, as a writer, we’re asked to craft something newsworthy out of a pretty basic and unchanging situation. That sort of creativity is not typically required in your everyday blog post or article.

Additionally, press releases have to be written with not only SEO in mind, but the requirements of press release distribution sites like PRWeb. When using these sites, you have to be very careful about word choice as one word can make the site see the PR as too salesy or not newsworthy. One word can really cause this issue. I’ve seen it happen many times.

The following are a few of requirements that PRWeb has:

• Newsworthy Content – Cannot be an “open letter” or sales letter and it also cannot be written as a blog.
• Objective Tone – PRs must be written objectively and cannot have too much “hype.”
• Must be between 300-800 words – We write PRs at 400-500 Words You Want
• Have a Clear News Source – It must be easy to recognize what company or individual is announcing the news
• No Personal Opinions
• No Explicit Content
• No Spam or Link Spam
• No reprints
• No duplicate content
• No intent to harm another person or company

All news releases have to be written in the standard PR format as well. We provide the press release to the client in the standard press release format that is suitable for distribution to newspapers or television stations, but the format also makes it easy for you to copy and paste in the different sections of the PR into PRWeb or other press release distribution site.

If you’re looking for press release ideas, PRWeb has an excellent page for this. You can also learn much more about press releases on their How To’s and Quick Tips section.

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