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Press Releases Remain Important for Many Businesses

OMG shocking news daily newspaper headlineOver the past decade, the way that people communicate and share information has changed substantially. People get much of their information from social media sites as well as other sites on the Internet. Because of these changes, some businesses might feel that press releases are no longer important, and that they can get the information out in other ways, since there are fewer actual newspapers.

However, that’s a very wrong way of thinking! In fact, press releases today remain important. They may even be more important because most newspapers are online. In addition, other sites will pick up press releases and run with them. It is important to make sure that when you have big news that the world knows about it, and press releases are still one of the best ways to do this.

How Can You Use Press Releases?

You are able to use press releases for a wide range of different purposes today. Naturally, many companies will want to use them when they are announcing a new product or service. This is one of the classic ways to use a press release, and it’s still very useful for that. However, press releases can have quite a few other helpful functions today, as well.

Proper use of a press release can help to improve a company’s brand image, as well as drive interest toward the brand of the product. It can even help with SEO aspects of your site or blog, so long as you do not overuse them. The backlinks that you can garner after putting out a press release really can be a great way to improve your search engine ranking.

Because of the power of the Internet, it is easier than ever to have worldwide distribution in an instant. When you have press releases come out about your company regularly, it helps to keep you in the public eye and in the minds of writers and bloggers in your field. They will pick up those releases and write about your company, offering even more potential backlinks and visitors to your site.

We Can Help with Your Press Release Needs

Writing a good press release is not easy. It’s an art form, and it takes time to master. We’ve been in the business of writing quality PRs for companies that are online and offline for a number of years now, and we’ve been very successful. Releases we’ve written have been in places such as Wall Street Journal’s MarketWatch and, for example. Of course, there is no guarantee as to just how well each press release will do, but we have an outstanding record when it comes to PRs. Put your trust in us and we’ll do our best to make you happy and make your release a success.

We are partners with PR Newswire, which means your PR will have the very best in distribution and will reach the greatest number of people. We can write regular press releases for you regarding your business and the news that you have coming out, so that you are always showing up in the search engines. We can distribute the press releases to thousands of sites and databases, which can increase the potential of your PR. Your press release can be in front of journalists, trade journals, and more, giving your company the exposure you want.

Instead of trying to spend time creating your own PRs, we can do all of the hard work for you from the writing to the distribution. The only thing you have to do is reap the rewards that a high quality press release can offer.

Why You Shouldn’t Abuse PR Writing

part2So, you’re trying to get (or keep) your business off the ground, and you know how absolutely crucial marketing is in spreading the word and converting new customers. What better way to do that than by having lots of press releases written about the wonderful new things your business or industry is doing, right? Well, as it turns out, while PR promoting may be good in small doses, overdoing it is a total waste of your time and effort. Here’s why you should do PR distribution in moderation, and what you should do instead.

It Comes Across as Spammy

It seems like these days, companies don’t even remember the original purpose of press releases—which was to distribute basic information in the hopes that newspapers or media would pick up the story and flesh it out. Ideally, that’s what they should still be used for, but all too often, they’re just written and distributed with no goal besides generating SEO traffic. Usually, these “press releases” are dripping with advertising language promoting a company or service and inventing a stretched-for reason why it’s suddenly newsworthy.

Remember that you’re not just writing for search engines—you’re writing for people. And most of the time, people can tell when their time is being wasted. Spammy-looking links that guide to spammy-looking articles may catch a few new customers, but in an age where more and more people are becoming Internet-savvy, don’t insult their intelligence by camouflaging advertising as news.

It Destroys Trust

Think about those brochures and booklets we all get in the mail—you know, the ones that say “Scientists discover new, MIRACLE weight loss supplement!” and then try to sell you a bottle. Do you think to yourself, “Wow, scientists!” and buy the pills? More likely, you toss it in the trash without a second thought. You know they’re just trying to sell you something, and those so-called scientists have been hired to endorse it. Many of today’s banged-out press releases suffer the same fate. People don’t take kindly to being manipulated into buying something, and they’ll be much less likely to pay attention to what your company has to say if you’ve been associated with spammy fake-news marketing. Your product or service could be amazing…so don’t package it inside an information format that people have been trained over time to distrust.

Quality Is Better Than Quantity

Maybe you use a service like PRWeb to cheaply flood the Internet with your company’s name. More online visibility equals more customers, right? Well, it might get you a few conversions, but it will do so at the price of dragging down your company’s reputation. Would you rather be associated with tons of low-quality SEO articles touting your services, or with well-written, trustworthy sources backed up by facts and research? To us, the choice seems pretty clear.

Stick to Newsworthy Topics

Since advertising mode seems to be the default for a lot of companies trying to sell their services (after all, it’s the most obvious), it’s hard to think of there being a better way than promoting yourself every chance you get. But times change, and so do advertising strategies. The best thing you can do for your company now: treat your customer base like humans instead of just wallets. And what do humans love more than a great news story and useful information? If you can provide your customers with interesting information that can actually help them in their everyday lives, you’ll be building loyalty instead of simply generating one-time curiosity clicks.

So, don’t pretend that advertising is news—but do find real, solid, newsworthy topics and release that information in a compelling way—without giving in to the temptation to peddle your products in every paragraph.

What is News-Jacking?

thumbnailNews-jacking is the process of using the news to your advantage by implementing your own views into up and coming news stories with the sole purpose of generating a lot of media coverage. Journalists are always looking for information when writing these breaking news stories. By creating the content they need, you ensure your business is included in these all-important articles that are sure to be viewed by an incredibly large audience.

In the world of news-jacking, you have to act fast. The world of news reporting is a fast and competitive business, so you have to be the first to get your information out there. You can stay on top of the game by setting up news alerts so you are notified of breaking news as quickly as possible. There are also news sites that post articles about events that others do not, so you can target specific audiences depending on the message you want delivered.

It’s important to choose your newsworthy event carefully. It is considered bad taste to jump on the tail end of a natural disaster or death story. While these types of news stories are read by a large amount of people, if you attempt to force your company and views into them you are liable to create a negative public opinion about it. If you absolutely must ride the coattails of a negative news story, be sure to put a positive spin on things.

If you decide to try out news-jacking as a method of increasing your company’s visibility, be sure to choose subjects that are relevant to your business. If your company specializes in high-end auto, you wouldn’t want to find yourself mentioned in an article about world hunger or poverty.

Stay true to yourself. When you write up the post, be sure to keep your company’s message in mind. You want to put it in words that everyone will understand while making it as interesting as possible. Depending on the popularity of the story you are hoping to news-jack, there is liable to be several others playing the same angle. Put your own spin on it while maintaining the integrity of the story.

In addition to being a valuable tool in your marketing strategy, news-jacking is also beneficial to getting the message of your business out to as many potential consumers as possible. It can be done quickly and cheaply, and is a good way to improve the reputation and sales performance of your business.

Social Media and PRs – Working Hand in Hand

part2When it comes to the visibility of your company, a heavy social media presence is almost required these days. It would seem more people develop their opinion about a company from information they find on their social media network. However, the world of newsprint is still just as important. Tie the two in together and you get the best of both worlds.

Press releases aren’t exactly the most popular way to reach customers, however they are still relevant. You can decrease the amount of effort required in their distribution by using a PR distribution website like PR Newswire. They will distribute your press release to major news sites like Google News and Yahoo as well as sending it to journalists.

Some companies choose to send their press releases to their own friends and family as well as their preferred reporters and bloggers. By having a social media presence, this can minimize effort. In addition to the press releases sent out to major news publications, you can also reach a more localized audience. A lot of business can be gained due to word-of-mouth advertising. If you post your press release on your preferred social media network, you increase your company’s visibility.

There is a limit when posting to social media, however. Potential customers don’t take too kindly to being spammed by excessive information that they wouldn’t benefit from. If you are on Twitter, be sure to use a specific hashtag to keep it organized. A heavy social media presence will also help you reach customers that aren’t avid readers of newsprint and major news sites.

By posting your press release on social media, you can bypass the usual channels of reaching out via traditional media. The modern consumer relies heavily on Internet opinion. If you are planning on posting your press release to social media, it might be a good idea to edit it slightly. Make it shorter and more attention grabbing to improve your chances of it actually being read. The longer it is, the less likely people will be to read it.

As long as it is done intelligently, press releases can be posted on social media as a way to improve your company’s visibility. It can be an effective marketing tool for your company at a fraction of the cost of paid advertising. It will also ensure you reach the widest audience possible which will, in turn, improve your company’s overall performance.

10 Newsworthy PR Ideas for All Businesses

Press releases have long been an important marketing method for businesses. The history of the PR is well documented going back to 1906 when Ivy Lee wrote the first PR for the Pennsylvania Railroad. If you’re an avid watcher of Hell on Wheels like I am, then you know that news back then traveled rather slowly. A press release was the quickest way that the business could distribute information on a tragic railroad accident before anyone else could report it, as it could take days for a newspaper reporter to make it out to the scene of an accident.

An Oldie but Goodie

However, just because the PR’s roots goes so far back in time doesn’t mean that this method of marketing is an outdated one. In fact, it’s quite the contrary. PRs are still a vital source of news for journalists and writers around the world, plus they pack SEO benefits as well. The audience is ever expanding as well with social media and blogging playing such an important role in how people get and distribute news today.

One thing has not changed and that is the importance of a newsworthy topic. If your PR isn’t newsworthy, it won’t be distributed. Journalists today can easily recognize a sales pitch versus a news release.

10 Trustworthy and Newsworthy PR Ideas

Without further ado, here are 10 press release ideas that your business can utilize and take advantage of one of the oldest, but not outdated, forms of marketing available:

  1. Write about something “new” – new hire, new partnership, new website, new products. Anything new is always newsworthy.
  2. Special Offers – Are you offering free shipping or savings in a promotional campaign soon?
  3. New Content – Have you published a new eBook, new whitepaper, webinar or other form of content that your audience would be interested in?
  4. Have you been recognized? If you have received any sort of award or certification, it’s always good to let others know about it.
  5. Attending a conference or exhibition? Let your audience know of opportunities where they can meet you in person!
  6. Looking to do something cool like get your business recognized by a TV show? You can do it with a PR. In fact, this client did!
  7. New Research – Has your company performed a survey or conducted some sort of research that you can share online?
  8. Charity Work – Have you made a charitable contribution, done some volunteer work, or other charity? This excellent PR material.
  9. Major company changes such as “going green” or discontinuing a service/product.
  10. Financial news – Financial news such as earnings, going public or some other sort of investment information is always hot news.

Of course, once you’ve come up with your PR idea, you’ll need a place to distribute it. Words You Want offers PR distribution via PR Newswire. PR Newswire offers the best distribution services in the industry with packages in all price ranges. Contact us today to discuss what we can do for you.

Why PR Newswire is Different from All Other PR Sites

PRNewswire_logoWhen PR Newswire approached us about becoming a partner in early August, I was very excited. All of our clients who have had any success with their PRs used PR Newswire and were picked up by media outlets such as Fox Business News and the Wall Street Journal’s Marketwire. One was even contacted by Animal Planet! These are huge platforms for a business to receive attention from.

The other aspect that excited me was the fact that the services and the rates that PR Newswire offered were always rather elusive to me since you have to contact the company to find out that information. I saw this as my opportunity to really see how this company works and what it could do for our clients.

Superior Distribution Over the Competition

What I’ve found out is that there are many aspects of PR Newswire that makes them different with the main one being that they have the best distribution hands down.

The PR Newswire network includes over 200,000 media points, 8,000+ web sites and PR Newswire’s content distribution network. Just the simple act of posting to the PRNewswire site alone allows a PR to be reached by 3 million unique visitors per month.

The online visibility is not the best part to me though. The best part is that PR Newswire distributes to more than just websites. Your PR ends up in actual print and broadcast newsrooms across the nation. Most of these sites that offer free PR distribution or much cheaper options do nothing more than simply post your PR to their website. If you want your PR to be seen, you’ve got to get in front of an audience that matters and a free PR site is not going to give you that audience. There are no real journalists on those sites.

Reach Your State, Region or the World

The other huge benefit of PR Newswire is that your PR can go as far and wide as you want it to.

Do you have local news you just want to send out locally? They have an option for that.

Want to reach a region of states? They have that too.

Want to reach the entire world? You can do that too.

Whether you want your news to stay in town or be spread rampant around social media, PR Newswire has a variety of distribution options to choose from in several different budget ranges. Sure, you’re going to pay more than you would at other sites, but the options that are offered are far superior to any other PR distribution site available today. You can even reach multicultural audiences or Hispanic newslines. Their options are unlimited.

Want to do something even more unique with your news? With their iReach option, your PR’s headline and photo can be posted on the Reuter’s sign in Times Square. Talk about a unique opportunity to market your business.

Plus, with PR distribution, you still get to take advantage of the SEO benefits that a PR offers as well, such as embedded social media links and brand mentions. Items that are becoming more important as search engines, such as Google, evolve.

Get Agile

If you truly want to harness the power of PR Newswire and really get your news out there, you can go full throttle with their Agility platform distribution. This platform is far reaching both online and in traditional media. This package offers:

  • Access to a database of 700,000 journalists and bloggers
  • More than 300,000 updates to contact records each month
  • Distribution to more than 8,000 websites and tens of thousands of journalists and bloggers
  • Global press release distribution
  • State of the art monitoring and reporting
  • Reporting of what is being said and by whom across traditional media and social media
  • The opportunity to engage in real time with journalists, bloggers and other social influencers

Agility is more than just PR distribution, it offers a dashboard that allows you to monitor and integrate your own social accounts so that you can engage with your audience in regard to press release as it occurs.

Easy Access

With Words You Want working as your PR writing and distribution partner, you can take full advantage of everything PR Newswire has to offer without tying yourself down. Because PR Newswire is a membership organization, they charge an annual membership fee, when you distribute via Words You Want, you don’t have to pay that fee. That’s savings of $195 or more per year in just a membership fee!

We can write and distribute the PR for you, you simply let us know what audience you’re trying to reach and we’ll provide you with your options and pricing. Once you’ve made your selection, we’ll post the PR for you and provide you with a full report. It doesn’t get much easier than that.

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