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The End of Guest Blogging

Due to the recent changes in Google’s link schemes, we’ve decided that we will no longer be offering guest blogging services. In July it was initially announced that anchor text links would be the next item under fire by Google, so we changed how we wrote and linked our bylines for guest blogs. Now it has recently been announced that all guest blogging links should be marked as “no follow.”

This leads me to the question – what’s the point? I don’t want clients spending their money on strategies that could potentially create penalties for them, so I can no longer offer this service in good faith. Throughout the years SEO tactics have changed based on what Google wants. Instead of rolling out large changes like Panda and Penguin, as of late they have just been changing their link scheme rules. They have always touted that good, quality content on your website and/or blog is going to be the ideal method of rising in the ranks and developing natural backlinks.

Here are the link schemes as quoted from Google’s Webmaster Tools:

“Large-scale article marketing or guest posting campaigns with keyword-rich anchor text links.”

 This also includes:

“Widely distributed links in the footers of various sites.”

More details on what Google doesn’t allow can be found at 

These changes effectively eliminate the byline links with any guest post period from anchor text to branded keywords, etc. We only want to provide services that will be in the best interest of our clients.  Google is trying to eliminate all forms of link building that could be used to manipulate search results and guest blogging now falls under this heading.


What’s the Best Strategy Moving Forward?

Continue to build up your websites and blogs with quality content. We have been continually working and improving our methods of content creation and can assist you in topic creation as well as the writing aspect. We have also developed tools that automatically scan our content as it is written to ensure that it is unique and Copyscape clean.  The two best things you can do is to have a blog and maintain it as well as create a portal of information on your website. Google wants the Internet to be a library of quality content. They want websites to be the “books” in this library, so the best strategy you can take is to continually build on your site.

Simply put, the more information you have on your site, the larger your site will become and the more authoritative you will be in your industry, which is exactly what Google wants.

Words You Want has taken pride in reinventing ourselves every time Google makes a change. One thing that I know for sure is that you can never go wrong with building a portal of information on your website and we’re happy to assist you in that strategy.

I will be sending out a newsletter on the 1st. If you are not yet signed up, please do so as we will be announcing new and exciting changes coming to Words You Want.

We have also partnered with PR Newswire to offer their full range of PR distribution services, which includes news offices in addition to online distribution. More information will be available in the newsletter.

Not to mention, all new sign ups receive coupon codes for the Words You Want Prize Wheel! You can sign up at

How Can Giving Your Content Away for Free Help You Earn More?

BlogMany people wonder why so many blog authors would write so much valuable content for free, without the guarantee of ever seeing a significant profit. Many blogs do eventually make a significant amount of money, but if this is your primary goal in creating a blog, your approach is doomed to fail from the beginning. If you want to succeed, you should focus on developing killer content, not generating revenue.

The most valuable blogs on the Internet aren’t necessarily the ones that make the most money, but the ones that offer the most value to their readers. These types of blogs have a huge following of highly interested readers, and a wealth of valuable information produced over a long period of time.

Good blog posts have been given away for free, yet most offer more value than many e-books that are quickly slapped together to make a quick profit. This causes many people to wonder how writers can afford to give their content away for free. The real question to ask is can you afford NOT to provide stellar content for free? The answer is probably no.

Writers use their blog to establish themselves as a highly qualified writer in their industry. Their blog illustrates that they have a lot of valuable information. If writers were to put all of their great ideas into an e-book and try to sell them, they probably wouldn’t do very well. The fact of the matter is that many people are skeptical about buying products and content online. By having a blog with plenty of valuable information all available for free, writers have already formed a deep level of trust with their readers. It is easier to make the decision to go ahead and purchase an e-book or an online course if your readers feel like they can trust you. They already know that you have valuable things to say, so it is less risky to spend their money and make a purchase.

The goal of writing is to create valuable and interesting content for others to read, and only after you have established that can you leverage the value of your written content can you use it to make a profit or increase your revenue.

Benefits of Using Guest Blogging for Link Building

Inbound links from quality blogs are a critical factor in page ranking for Google and other search engines; however, like everything else on the Internet, once discovered they became quickly over-used and abused.  Owners of successful blogs are positively spammed with poorly written, shamefully promoting guest blog proposals, to the point that many do not even respond to requests.

Also, many bloggers, unable to provide well written posts for quality blog sites, resort to publishing their poorly written guest posts on a great number of low quality blog sites.  Having numerous low quality links to your site can actually hinder, rather than help your search engine rankings.

It’s better to take the time to establish a relationship with a few really good, quality blog sites, and provide high quality material that they will be eager to publish, getting a good quality link back to your site from each one.  This has become difficult, but not impossible.

Relationship Building

Instead of getting tunnel vision around link building, you should concentrate on relationship building.  Get to know the blogger by commenting on their blog, following their blog, and perhaps even connecting with them on a social media page, such as Twitter, Facebook or LinkedIn.  Concentrate on what type of content they seem to prefer to post, and tailor your content to fit.  Promote their blog on your site and to your social media contacts.

Once you actually get invited to post a guest blog, make sure your work is impeccable, thoughtful and informative.  Make sure you represent yourself well with your very best work, and you will be invited to post again and again.  Be sure to include one or two links to your best webpages, including them as anchor text.  Use keywords for which you want to increase your search engine ranking.

Keep Building the Relationship

Don’t stop with just one post.  If this is a successful blog, you can benefit from more than just the inbound links.  Follow up with readers’ comments, and keep up the relationship with the blog owner or editor.  By maintaining solid relationships with other blog owners who have similar interests, you may discover new business opportunities you never even dreamed of.  Blogging is, after all, a community venture, and it’s all about the networking.

Capture a Wider Audience

Guest blogging also allows you to reach a much wider audience than you may be reaching with just your own blog.  These blogs may be similar to yours, but there will be some differences, and in those differences lies a whole other community of people who may be searching for someone like you and your product or services.  Alternatively, if you actually seek out blogs that have a connecting thread yet are completely different, you will be wooing a completely different audience, tapping unexplored resources from a whole new vein of potential customers.

While you may start out simply hoping to build some valuable links to increase your site’s page ranking, guest blogging, done correctly, can bring a wealth of benefits to your business that you weren’t even expecting.

Add Your Blog to Our Guest Blog Database

We’ve recently rolled out new guest blogging packages for our clients and are also working on creating a database of blogs that accept guest blog posts.  We have clients in wide variety of industries from home decor to telecommunications, and would like to be able to offer a variety of guest blog opportunities to them.  If you have a blog and accept guest posts, leave a comment and we’ll add you to our database.  We are ideally looking for PR3 or higher blogs, but will accept listings of various page ranks if the quality of the site is good and relevant.


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