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The New WYW Bookstore!

Words You Want is proud to announce a new addition to the Words You Want family. The WYW Bookstore launched September 1st and we are quickly adding to the number of books for sale through it. Currently we have several travel guides, marketing books and more for sale at reasonable eBook prices.

Check it out and continue to check back as we add new titles each week.



A 3D eBook Cover Will Step Up Your Marketing Game

3DCoverGlutenIn today’s world, you simply have to constantly find ways to step up your game and stand out from the competition. Online businesses are available by the dozen, and people can find another option if they don’t like what you have to offer or if they can’t find you.

You can no longer subscribe to a watchmaker theory. In other words, designing a website and then sitting back to let it tick is no longer sufficient. Instead, you need to be proactive, always finding ways to look more professional and to make your business better than what other companies offer. A 3D eBook cover can be such an option.

The Success of eBooks

eBooks are becoming extremely popular. People like the idea of being able to read a whole book from their computer, their smart phone, or their tablet. It’s portable and easy to use. Because of this, more and more businesses are recognizing the opportunity within eBook writing.

If you offer something like this through your website, you will accomplish two things: more traffic and attention for your company and more profit from sales of the eBook itself.

In fact, eBooks are so successful that some people make their whole business around writing and selling them.

Just an eBook Isn’t Enough

Of course, along with the success of eBooks has come the need to do something bigger, better, and more interesting. Since there are so many books available on the web, yours will only stand out if you do something different. This is why you should consider a 3D eBook cover. This type of cover will look extremely professional, sleek, modern, and attractive. It will certainly gain more attention from those who may be interested in buying the eBook.

The only way you can successfully create and market a professional 3D eBook cover, though, is if you know where to get it designed. Unless you happen to be a graphic designer, you certainly won’t have the skills to put together the cover yourself. Instead, you need a professional company that understands how to create a realistic 3D eBook cover that will sell your product.

The Internet Is Changing

Google is a powerful company on the Internet. They are the number one search engine used and they tend to dictate what is acceptable on the web and what is not. The newest update from the company has drastically impacted numerous websites and companies. So many people have suffered in their search engine rankings because of the new update, and that means you need to take extra steps to ensure your site is getting the attention it deserves.

A 3D eBook cover can be the right way for you to step up your game. A simple change, like a professionally designed, realistic cover can make all the difference in how much attention your company gets. This can be the boost you need to overcome any issues with search engine rankings, but to be successful, you certainly need to choose a quality, professional designer to do the work on a 3D eBook cover.


Effective eBook Writing Requires Professionals

3DCoverGlutenThe self-publishing world has brought some great content onto the market. It’s also brought some not so great content onto the market. One of the strategies that individuals and businesses who want to market via an eBook, or make an eBook a primary product, may want to adopt is having professionals produce that content. There are some real advantages to doing so.


Reliability of Information

EBooks are rapidly displacing paper books as the way that people get reliable information. There are plenty of eBooks on Amazon and other online stores that contain information that is specious, at best. For the people who buy such books, the experience is oftentimes disappointing when they find out that the books give bad information and are full of inaccuracies.

Professional writers are required to have very developed research skills. One of the most important of those research skills is being able to differentiate bad information from good information and to make sure that only the latter is used to back up claims made in an eBook.

Professional writers also know how to use information without plagiarizing it, which means giving proper credit if there is a need to use someone else’s information within an original work. This is important, as it prevents and author from being inadvertently exposed to the problems that come with taking content without permission.

Between being able to find good, reliable sources of information and being able to differentiate between information that is generally known and that which is the result of a particular author’s work, professional writers can produce quality, reliable eBooks that are worthy of the price that customers pay for them.


Ready to Publish

If you’ve ever tried to write your own content and that content has been in a long format, such as an eBook, you’re probably familiar with the experience of reading it over and over again and still finding errors. This is because it takes more than one set of eyes to make sure that something is properly written, without errors and ready for publication. There are plenty of eBook writers out there who try to go it alone and skip having their content professionally written and edited and the results of those shortcuts usually show up in their work in obvious ways.

When professional writers handle these jobs, the content is delivered ready to go. This means everything from being in the proper format to the content having been edited and checked for errors. By having professionals do the job, eBook publishers can get their products out to the market much more quickly and not have to worry about having trouble with mistakes or omissions.

EBook writing is really just book writing and, like it always has, book writing requires a team of professionals to handle the various tasks involved correctly. Rather than going it on your own, it’s better to have professionals do the heavy lifting, allowing you to get the results you want without having to deal with all the complications that usually go along with that endeavor.

Publishing an eBook to Boost Your Business

With tablets and eBook readers becoming increasingly more commonplace, along with e-reader software applications for smart phones and various other devices, the popularity of eBooks is increasing exponentially.  Savvy business owners are taking advantage of the popularity of eBooks and the almost negligible costs to publish them in order to benefit their businesses in a myriad of ways.

Free Giveaways

The most obvious use for the eBook is the free give-away.  A business owner may purchase a short, 5 – 20 page eBook with useful information that their customers want, and offer it as a free give-away just for signing up to receive email notices, newsletters or other advertisements from their website.  Much like a custom logo pen, hat or keychain, an eBook is also a marketing tool that will get the business name and information in front of the customer.  Unlike a physical item, however, the business owner can give away thousands of copies of an eBook, without having to pay any more for each one.

Sway Customer Opinions

An eBook can be used to sway customer opinions, provide research, statistics and other information a customer may not be aware of, to change their mind about using or not using a particular type of product or service.  For instance, if a business sold cloth diapers, they might publish an eBook about the hazards of disposable diapers in landfills, and the many innovations that make today’s cloth diapers much more convenient than previous versions.  A coin and bullion trading website might publish eBooks about the benefits of investing in coins and precious metals, and why customers should diversify their investments beyond stocks and bonds.

eBooks Provide Credibility

Publishing an eBook provides a business credibility, establishing the author/business owner as a subject matter expert.  A customer is more likely to trust someone who has published a book on a subject as a source of knowledge and advice, than someone who merely has a website and proclaims to know the ins and outs of their business.

Even though eBooks are easily published, and can be purchased pre-written on almost any subject matter, customers still perceive a published author to have an air of authenticity and expertise.  Even if they don’t bring in a lot of money, just having eBooks for sale on a business website lends the business a certain amount of credibility.

Product Promotion

An eBook is a great way to introduce a new product, describing the research that went into it, benefits of using the product, revolutionary new breakthroughs and more.  This type of book can feature case studies, investigative reports and other information to convince the reader to try the new product.

Whether as a free giveaway or as an actual eBook marketed through various eBook listing sites and services, an eBook provides a business a tremendous amount of promotional value, customer goodwill and credibility.  With comprehensively written eBooks available for purchase and the minimal – if any – cost of publishing, wise business owners everywhere are taking advantage of this new trend in publishing.

Make Money Publishing Your eBook on Kindle

According to a recent survey of publishers, eBook sales have surpassed hardcovers and paperbacks and become the dominating format for adult fiction in 2011 and 2012.  eBook publishers’ net revenues went from $869 million in 2010 to $2.07 billion in 2011, accounting for 15.5% of revenues.

You can become a part of this brave new frontier by publishing your very own eBook on Kindle!  Forget searching for hungry publishers, sending out your manuscript time and again only to get it back with discouraging letters of rejection.  With an eBook, there’s very little cost involved so no one takes a risk, and you get all or most of the profits!

Kindle Formatting from Words You Want

Kindle is far and away the most popular publishing platform for eBooks, and Words You Want can help you take your plain, text or word processing formatted document and JPEG photos and format it all for publishing on the Kindle platform for a nominal fee.  You’ll get back your file in a .mobi or .epub format, all ready to go for immediate publishing.

With such a small investment required for publishing an eBook, you don’t have to have written the great American novel to become a published author.  You can write a how-to book about something you’re good at, a collection of poetry or short stories, political essays or satirical humor.  Put together a detailed account of your ancestors and send it out to the extended family for a holiday gift, or publish a joke book of all of your favorite humor.  Fiction, non-fiction, do-it-yourself, travel guides, any type of book you choose to write is sure to find an audience when published on a Kindle platform.

Gain Professional Credibility through Publishing

Professionals can gain credibility by publishing a trade book and making it available to their customers.  Being a published author makes you something of a subject matter expert on your area of expertise, be it real estate, medical, dental, carpentry, interior decorating, dog grooming, antiques, travel destinations, weddings, party planning, animal training or just about anything under the sun.

The possibilities are endless, and the new eBook format makes publishing simple and affordable.  If you choose to sell your eBook through, you make your novel available to millions of buyers everywhere, on Kindle readers, smart phones with Kindle apps on them and even personal computers.  You can not only make money from sales of your book, but develop a core following of new customers, and bring them to your website for more information.

eBook Formatting

With Words You Want’s eBook formatting service, there’s no need to purchase expensive software just to publish your eBook.  Once your book is properly formatted, you have a plethora of choices for publishing, from Amazon to Kobo, Barnes & Noble and a tremendous number of independent self-publishing companies that is growing every day.  Keep your options open with eBook formatting service from Words You Want and you’ll be able to take your book anywhere!


How Long Should an eBook Be?

There are no specific guidelines as to the length of an eBook, but some things to take into consideration are the type of book and what you plan to do with it.

If your book is a promotional effort, something you plan to give away to readers who sign up for your email service or subscribe to your newsletter or whatever, then 10 to 20 pages is a good length.  This is usually some kind of a how-to book that piques the reader’s interest in order to bring them back to your site, or direct them to other, longer books that you have published.

You can also sell this book on Kindle as a “leader” for a nominal amount, as a promotional tool to get readers to check out your other offerings.  If you make it longer than 20 pages, however, giving it away for free or selling it for a just a buck or two might seem a bit of a hardship, depending on the profit to be made.

Keep eBooks under 100 Pages

If your eBook is a how-to or informational book, you should try to keep it under 100 pages.  Readers will often print out part or all of an e-book to keep for reference later on, and stuffing it with irrelevant information to “bulk it up” is a waste of effort and paper.  If it is a complex subject, however, then you may want to back up and consider your audience.

How long is your reader’s attention span?  eBook readers tend to be compulsive web surfers, techies with short attention spans who want to get right to the heart of the matter.  Once again, padding your content will only turn them off.  Keep your information concise and to the point.  Break up the text with compelling images, drawings or photographs.

Publishing the Great American Novel

If you are writing a novel, of course, then all bets are off.  The length of your eBook is simply however long it takes to tell the story.  Whether or not anyone will read it through to the end depends upon your skill as a storyteller.  A reader may put it down after five pages, or stick with it through 300 or more.  Consider obtaining the services of a good editor or writing coach who will help you to trim excess verbiage that is not pertinent to the story.

How Long is a Page?

There seems to be some variation, according to different authors as to the average page length when discussing number of pages in an eBook, but one fairly common definition is a single spaced page using 12 point type and 1-inch margins, which works out to around 500 words.  Many authors will type it that way into a word processing program initially in order to get an idea of overall length, and then reformat it as desired when it comes time to publish.

In summary, the length of your e-book depends on its type and purpose, how much you plan to sell it for and the complexity of the subject.  Novice publishers are probably best advised to start with a shorter book, which can then be sold for a lower price in order to entice more readers, and thus develop a following.

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