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How Our Content Marketing Packages Help You Create Authority

In today’s online market and since the recent Hummingbird update, it’s vital that your website is created with authority and the reader in mind. The good news is that our content marketing packages were created with this concept in mind already and pre-Hummingbird! See, we knew that Google wants sites to simply be the best that they can be and to have the best content they can have. A common example used by Google is that your site should be a library of information.

Our content marketing packages are designed to create this “library of information” for you. Each package comes with a monthly set of blogs. This ensures that you’re providing reader friendly information on a consistent basis. We recommend scheduling blogs to post three times per week.

Each package also comes with a PR and PRNewswire distribution. Each month you will get a PR that provides your audience and searchers with the latest newsworthy information that you have to offer. This ensures that your site shows it’s authority off site as well. PR Newswire is the ideal source for distribution due to their extensive reach. Even their cheapest package ensures that your PR is posted to over 5,000 websites!

Finally, all of our packages (except for package #1) comes with a report or whitepaper on the topic of your choice. This allows you to create an in-depth piece of content that will really show of your knowledge in your industry. This report can be give away as a free gift for signing up for a newsletter or a special offering for just your newsletter readers. You can give it away on your site or your blog. It’s up to you what you do with it, but either way it only builds your business’s credibility and shows the wealth of knowledge that you have to offer and are willing to give away!

The goal of your content should be to answer the questions that your readers are asking. Your topics and subject matter should be created around these topics and your analytics can point you in the right direction. Even if you use basic WordPress stats, you’ll be able to see what people are searching to find you and the questions they are asking. It’s also a good idea to put yourself in the shoes of your readers and search the questions that you would ask. This will give you some great insight into what your readers want to know as well as the information that Google is currently point them to. Once you begin to answer some of these questions, your authority will grow.