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Getting Content Produced in the Style that You Need

TypingFor some companies, the tone and style of the content that they put upon their sites is an integral part of their branding efforts. Some companies want a young and hip voice that comes through in their content and others want something more reserved, conservative and authoritative. Professional writers can accommodate any style, but it’s important that you’re working with a company that has more than one option when you’re getting writing done on a contract.


Why Options Matter

When you’re working with a company that has several different writers that can take on any given job, there are real advantages to be realized. One of the primary advantages is that a writer can be selected with the right expertise and voice to match what your company or your website requires. In some cases, the writer will be able to write across different styles, allowing them to change the way that they deliver information or the complexity of the content that they produce to suit many different audiences. This is a vital skill for a writer and, moreover, it’s a vital advantage for the companies that hire them.

There are writing companies out there that are really just one writer doing all the work themselves. In such cases, the company will be limited in what they can deliver, as all of their content will be flavored by that one writer’s style. Companies that can provide multiple writers have several advantages.


Large Projects

When you’re producing a lot of content that’s going to be posted on many different sites, one of the things you need to avoid is having all of that content sound too similar. This is one of the pitfalls of having a company with only one or two writers handle the contract. In such cases, the content will end up being so similar that there will be little value to readers and no real reason for them to visit more than one of the sites on which the content is produced. The same writers will tend to repeat themselves a great deal, whether they know it or not, and this can make content tedious very quickly.


The Right Voice

Finding the right writer means that you can get content delivered that is consistent with what you or your company needs and that the content can keep on coming. In some cases, a company may find that one particular writer suits them perfectly and they’ll want to stick with that writer for the sake of consistency in their content. In such cases, a good company can make sure that writers are mated with the right projects, increasing the quality of the content overall.

No matter what style of writing you need, a content production company should be able to deliver it. They should also be able to ensure that your projects stay with the most qualified writer to handle them so that it can be produced in a reasonable amount of time without sacrificing quality in any regard.

Finding the Right Venues for Your Content

Anyone who understands search engine optimization understands that it’s all about content. There’s more to it than this, however. Most companies and individuals that want to increase their website traffic by publishing content have a few venues were they plan on showcasing that content already. Buying domains and using them to drive traffic to a specific website is a well-known and effective strategy. There are other venues, however, and content companies can make sure that your content goes on the right ones.


Bad Venues

There are bad venues out there for content that can do more harm to your search engine optimization than good. For instance, there are venues that are widely regarded by the search engines as low-quality sites that produce content that is of very little value to web surfers. The search engines do not give these venues any serious consideration in their indexes and having your content appear on such sites may actually do you some harm in terms of being visible on search engine results.

There are also venues that aren’t necessarily bad but that don’t have much value to them in terms of attracting readers. These venues tend to be low-traffic sites that may have some good content here and there, but that aren’t likely to send any traffic to your website. These sites aren’t bad, but they are wastes of time and content, in most cases. Remember that producing the same content on different sites is generally not advisable, so you’ll need to make sure that the company that handles posting your content puts it in suitable places.


Good Venues

Good content companies can find good venues for your content and make sure it gets posted. This requires that the content fits with the requirements of those venues, which is something that is handled from the moment that the content is first produced. It also requires that the content be of a high enough quality to merit being posted on such sites, which requires additional work. Primarily, the content has to be something other than sales content, because there’s no reason for such sites to bore their visitors with obvious sales copy.

Good venues get traffic, are full of interesting content and provide excellent places to put your content. A good content company can make sure you end up on them and help you to get the search engine optimization benefits that go along with that.


Finding Your Niche

Beyond getting your content on good sites, you need to make sure that those are actually sites that your demographic reads. This is another area where professional content production companies can really help. Because they’ll know where to go to reach out to the people you want to see your content, you can be sure that you’re not just putting it on sites that won’t do you any good whatsoever. Remember that good content not only appeals to the search engines, but that it also must appeal to the people you’re trying to reach out to as customers.

Why Article Writing is Still Good for SEO

When done well, article writing is still by and large the most effective tool in the box to increase page rankings and bring in customers to your website.  For one thing, many hastily generated websites have credibility issues; they are perceived as existing simply to sell a product.

No one turns on the television only to watch the commercials, and no one wants to visit a website that is perceived as being nothing more than an advertisement, unless of course they’re already looking for somewhere to purchase that particular product.  Providing thoughtful and informative blogs and especially, articles can change the customer’s perception of your website from blatant advertisement to interesting forum for discussion.

Articles Have an Advantage over Blogs

Search engines look at all kinds of web content when categorizing a web page’s relevance.  Articles are considered to be more informative and relevant to a topic than blogs or advertising, and a well written article with properly incorporated keywords and phrases will almost always provide a better return for your money than any other kind of web content.

The most important consideration in writing a search engine optimized article is to write it well.  It should offer some value to the reader; tell them how to do something, give them some useful knowledge or advice.  It should be relevant to their personal lives or to their business, and they should be able to relate to it easily.  If the article is technically good SEO but useless to the reader, it will not be picked up or linked to by other sites, and is therefore a waste of everyone’s time.  Articles should:

  • Be topically relevant;
  • Be full of useful content;
  • Approach the topic from a new angle;
  • Start with a good initial hook;
  • Be important to the reader.

In addition, keywords and key phrases must fit seamlessly into the article, enhancing it rather than interrupting the flow and causing the phrasing to seem awkward.

Generating Backlinks

Articles are an excellent tool to generate backlinks to your website or blog.  If you write a truly excellent, relevant and interesting article, and especially if it provides some unique insight or information that readers want, you may quickly find it being picked up by other websites and blogs, with numerous backlinks to your site.  If your article is good enough to be picked up and published by a major website such as Amazon, Google or Twitter, the accompanying backlink can be very valuable indeed!

In summary, despite all the SEO tricks, tips and software being generated and sold by a multitude of so-called experts, there is as yet no substitute for good article writing to generate traffic to your site.  A well written article that offers value to the customer and makes judicious use of keywords and phrases is still the very best method to increase page rankings and generate customer traffic to your site, and improves your site’s credibility at the same time.

The Importance of Consistency and Relevance When Writing Articles for Your Website

Just a few years ago, the key issue in SEO (or web marketing success, to put it plainly) was consistency.  You had to write for the Internet, and the most prolific companies were the ones that benefited.  After all, they could invest time in one article and then use all sorts of shady tricks to boost that article in Search Engine Results Pages.

They could duplicate that article on other pages and other sites.  They could rewrite the article and post it all over their website.  They could recycle the content and post hundreds of articles saying the exact same thing at successful article directories and benefit from increased links.  They could even benefit from lifting content from another site, giving a “byline” and luring in traffic that way.

The early SEO years were a time of great uncertainty, war and cruelty.  (Okay, that’s a bit dramatic…)  You get the point though.  The technology was advancing, but the algorithms were still playing catch up to human beings who were far more critical than bots invented solely to crawl and index.  Before the Internet’s mass popularity, we used to read books, magazines and newspapers.  We learned how to read and came to expect a higher quality of writing if we were to pay attention to the service or author.

With the advent of the Internet, we took a lot for granted, assuming that the Internet didn’t have to be as sophisticated as traditional news sources.  For a time, there were no legitimate news sources online.  Now, we have everyone from Barack Obama’s administration to Time and Newsweek, to Rolling Stone and Entertainment Weekly online, with their feature stories and some of their archives text searchable.

At some point, the writing had to catch up to the standards we were taught as students.  Google and other search engines which are definitely going to follow suit with these algorithm updates, are now looking for consistency and relevancy in content before they reward it with a high SERP ranking.  It’s the least they could ask; it’s not as if they are asking website owners to write at the level of Hunter S. Thompson, Wolf Blitzer, David Brooks or Tom Shales, and any number of other print journalists.  However, they are “upping the ante” and looking for content that more closely matches the keyword searches coming in.

The recent algorithm updates from Google have taken their toll on top directory sites like Ezine Articles, Demand Studios and many other companies that worked within an open directory format.  You might even say that SEO is going “bear market” when it comes to directories, fearing that SEO writing for “damaged” sites is a waste of time and money.  Instead, many companies are switching their attention to blog writing and blog hosting, taking advantage of highly trafficked blogs, which currently have the advantage over SEO-polluted article directories.

Indeed, blogging is a smart idea, as it is yet another way to build a link, and one that is a comfortable distance away from the standard article directory submission.  Nevertheless, the main emphasis coming from Google is that individual pages should be effectively optimized, meaning even if you switch from directory posting to blogging, you must continue to update your page (or post as a guest on another blog) consistently, meaning daily, weekly, or monthly—whatever you can afford.  Blogging, like article directories, can suffer from poor associations.  Professional blogging is sometimes grouped in together with personal ranting, or extended Facebook style posts.

Therefore, relevancy and professionalism are also important in the blogging world.  Whenever you use keywords in your blog, make sure that they are well-researched to your industry and locality, and that they are relevant to the discussion and to the targeted keyword search.  Writing for the Internet encompasses many styles of writing, and various avenues.  What never changes though, is the need for an informational resource—with helpful content created for human beings.  It’s what the people demand and it’s the least you could do for your viewers.


Article Writing Software—Why it Doesn’t Work

The day article writing software was invented should have been an eventful day in American history. After all, this is software that could revolutionize the world of Internet marketing. Just imagine how much the market would change if we could invent software that would “spin” unique content and write original articles using a computer-based thesaurus.

Unfortunately, all of these computer wizards forgot one important factor in the making of article writing software: artificial intelligence, or lack thereof. Without human intelligence, the computer system is only capable of performing mathematical equations. From the looks of things, it appears as if artificial life like Bender from Futurama is a long way off—perhaps another millennium.

Yes, there is article writing software available and it doesn’t come cheap. This software claims to rewrite existing content into unique content as many times as you need. This could save a bundle on paying freelance writers and SEO firms, right? In theory, yes. However, this software fails in two respects. First off, no computer can rewrite a human article with human intelligence. There is no originality to replacing words with similar words. The article, while not technically plagiarized, will not have cohesive development of sentences, the type commonly associated with professional writing.

Finally, we come to the central issue: article writing software produces articles that make no sense. Whereas Search Engine Optimization firms can write technical or sales articles with human understanding, article writing software blindly converts intelligent sentences into subhuman gibberish. Why not hire a real person to write your articles, one capable of understanding how the human mind works, and tailoring the presentation to online readers?

As an experiment, we decided to put article writing software to the test. Behold the glory of spinning technology, which cheaply rewrote our own paragraph.

“Sooner or later, we appear to the axial issue: commodity autograph computer application produces accessories that accomplish no premonition. Whereas commodity autograph computer application mobs can address abstruse or sales accessories with animal understanding, commodity autograph computer application blindly converts able sentences into callous jazz. Why not appoint an absolute animation to address your essay, one able of compassionate how the animal apperception works, and dressmaking the remembrance to online bibliomaniacs?”

This is why article writing software doesn’t work!

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