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With something as important to your online marketing efforts as a blog, there are always two sides of the coin. First, there’s the benefit that a blog can offer: getting you attention, getting your message to the right ears, earning you the reputation as an industry guru that you need for more conversions. However, blogs can also have a negative side: costing you money, wasting your time, and keeping your online strategy stuck in old tactics.

Is Your Blog Costing You Time and Money?

When a blog is spending too much time on the negative flipside of that coin, we refer to it as being constipated. Your blog is backed up, stuck in a mode that isn’t doing you or your audience any favors. One of the first signs of content constipation? Your blog is costing you too much time and too much money, for too little return.

The return that you’re aiming for with a blog is reads. The more reads you get, the more your time and money was worth it. If you aren’t meeting your goals in this area, you need to reconsider how much effort you’re putting into a blog, or change your tactics to meet your goals better.

Too Much Effort Is a Problem

One of the biggest reasons that a blog doesn’t get read is due to the fact that the content isn’t coming fast enough. Good content is always the goal, but frequency matters! If your blog is constipated, readers will soon move on and never look back. Here are a few common mistakes when creating blog posts:

  • You’re trying to make every blog a New York Times bestselling novel. That’s not what a blog is meant to be. This isn’t the place to drive home an emotional theme through hours of content. With more than 40% of all readers skimming blog posts as it is, you need to keep it short and sweet.
  • You have every member of your staff edit content or add ideas. All this does it take up everyone’s time when they could be doing other things for your company. Agree on a content strategy and then delegate the execution. Even more efficient and effective, hire someone to manage your blog for you!
  • You’re overthinking the strategy. Blog posts have a very simple purpose: to generate interest. In other words, they exist to sell your product or service. You can do that in many ways, such as through education or entertainment, but don’t lose sight of the very simple base goal.

Stop Getting in Your Own Way

The truth is that blog constipation all comes down to the way you are using your blog. Not getting the readership you want? You are likely not churning out enough quality information in a way that connects with your readers’ expectations. Remember: blog posts are supposed to be two things, interesting and fast.

One easy way to unlock your blog’s potential is to get out of your own way by outsourcing the content production. Once you have your content strategy nailed down, you can communicate that to a third party writing service and simply manage the results. This frees up your time, and makes it easier to keep the blog on track with the strategy – without your personal connection to your industry and product, a third party writer will simply follow the strategy and not get bogged down with distractions.

Additionally, because content production is all a third party writing service does, you can ensure that your blog will always be frequently updated with brand new material, and you won’t have to worry about producing it yourself. That’s a huge load off your mind and a great way to keep your blog moving forward.

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