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The world of blogging and the world of social media used to be two very distinct Internet phenomena. One was known for being a place for serious conversation in long form with posting schedules; the other was known for zippy entertainment in spontaneous bursts. These days, however, social media and blogging have begun to merge into two sides of the same marketing tactic. Connecting with your audience can take place in both spaces and statistics tell us it would be foolish to ignore either.

For example: More than 80% of Millennials, the audience with the most purchasing power, check Twitter daily. And almost 70% of the entire adult American population uses Facebook. Those are just two of the many popular social media platforms out there. And as for blogging? Search engines index over 430% more pages from website with blogs, than those without. So how can you use these tools together to boost your engagement all around?

Cross Promotion on a Blog

The first way to integrate social media accounts into your blogging is by simply including your social media content in your blog posts. This doesn’t mean rehashing what you’ve Twitted or Snapped today; but it does mean embedding content that leads to your social media accounts, such as embedding Instagram photos or Facebook videos. There are two reasons for this practice:

First, it gives your content a continuity that clearly links your blog and your social media presences. Second, by embedding the content rather than reposting it, you’re giving your audience an easy way to find you and follow you on social media.

Video Content is King

It’s no secret that video content is the number one choice for sharing information online. In fact, YouTube reaches more 18-49-year-old Internet users than any cable network in the U.S. does TV watchers. That’s an astounding statistic that proves just how powerful video content is.

In your blog, consider posting your YouTube videos with content below for people who may not want to watch the video, or who want to skim the content and briefly check out the video. This integrates your video content with a blog that can be indexed by search engines.

Other Tips for Integrating Social Media with Your Blog

Want to integrate your social media accounts with your blog even more? Try these ideas:

  • Include a share button so that your audience can post your blog post to their own social media accounts. If you use a “Click to Tweet” service, be sure to add a brand-specific hashtag or your username so that the Tweet leads their followers to you.
  • Keep your follow buttons visible and up to date. Social media brands change their look frequently. Keep yourself caught up to ensure your audience that you are a quality account to follow.
  • Integrate social media only how it makes sense. Does your social media feed include contests and limited time offers? Make your current feed on your website visible for customers to take advantage of the information. If your feed is more about curating blog posts and sharing industry news, consider letting your more in-depth blog content shine.

Efficiently Integrating Blogging and Social Media

The key point is to not ignore the power of either platform. More than 409 million people view blogs every month on just one blogging platform, and social media has billions of users every day. Integrate the two to streamline your audience generating efforts, and you’ll soon find that all of your content is doing double duty. This saves you time and money as you work towards growing.

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