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If your business isn’t involved in social media, you’re missing out on an incredible tool to help build your brand awareness and expand your audience. There are literally billions of people on Facebook alone, much less LinkedIn, Twitter and the other social networks. Of course, finding success here is not as simple as creating an account and posting. You need to ensure that you’re engaging your audience, and that can be hard to do. Thankfully, there are a few ways to increase social media engagement.

Listen to What’s Being Said

One of the most overlooked benefits of social media is that it gives you, the business owner or decision maker, unprecedented access to the private conversations and pain points of your followers. Use the free tools available to tap into the conversation and learn what your audience is saying about your brand, about products or services similar to yours or what troubles they’re experiencing where your brand could help. Tools on offer include Google Analytics, as well as Social Mention and many others to tap in and drill down.

Join Forums and Groups

Both Facebook and LinkedIn allow you to create and join forums and groups dedicated to specific interests. LinkedIn is the best option for B2B companies, as it allows you to provide value and relevant information for users with problems related to what your business offers. However, don’t neglect Facebook, as the social network has tens of thousands of users groups that are filled with people who have questions or need a helping hand that only you can provide.

Conduct Surveys or Polls

Customers love being able to give feedback and feeling as though their wants, needs and opinions matter to the businesses they patronize. You can enhance your social media engagement by conducting surveys or polls and asking your audience for answers to questions that matter to you as well as to them. This can allow you to really drill down into what makes your audience tick and can provide information and answers that can be applied to all aspects of your online marketing strategy, and possibly even your product lineup or your service offerings. It can also help pinpoint differences between your business and competitors.

Give Followers an Inside Look

Social networks like Facebook are great places to give your followers a behind-the-scenes look at your business, your employees, your processes and more. A quick glance at your own Facebook feed should show you just how widespread (and successful) this practice has become. As an example, local breweries across the country post videos showing their employees at work, their beer being bottled, their tasting rooms in full swing and more. It’s a great way to really make a deeper connection and share something that your audience will appreciate (after all, they’re following you because they’re interested in your company, so give them what they want).

Get in on Hashtags

Hashtags have been around for a pretty long time now, but it’s surprising how many businesses just don’t know about them or how to use them. Really, they’re nothing more than ways to tag specific types of content in a social post. For instance, a farmers’ market might post a picture of produce lining a table with the hashtag #eatlocal or #localgrown. You can turn this to your advantage by using established hashtags that relate to your business, products or services, or even inventing your own in certain instances.

Increasing social engagement doesn’t have to be rocket science. The tips above will help you do just that.


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