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The old adage that a picture is worth a thousand words has never been truer than it is today. This is particularly relevant in the world of content marketing. While your text should be the meat of your content, you cannot afford not to have photos. They catch your audience’s eye, encourage them to click to read the rest of the article, add depth and value to ebooks, and a great deal more. Of course, you need to ensure that you’re choosing the right photos for your content, and they’re not all created equal. Here are X of the most important tips you should follow when choosing pictures to use in your content marketing efforts.

Match the Mood of Your Content

All content has a mood, whether you’re writing a product review, telling potential customers about your new hiking gear, outlining the great things to experience at an amusement park or something completely different. Your images must match not just the topic of the piece (a picture of kids having fun and laughing in a piece on playing outdoors), but also the mood. For instance, if you’re writing a review for a new baby bottle design and it’s an upbeat piece, nothing works better than smiling, toothless little ones. You can also use related images that have bright, primary colors, or that exude a sense of peace.

Tie into the Emotion

Let’s face it – emotionless content doesn’t work. It all needs some sort of underlying emotion to carry it through and to connect with the reader. Choose photos that tie into that emotion. Is it a bleak piece on the dangers of environmental degradation? Bleak, cold photos can work. You can also tie that into outrage on the part of those who want to protect the environment with photographs of litter, corporation-fueled erosion and the like. All content has emotion. Your job is to determine what that emotion is and then find photos that tie into it.

Express Your Authenticity

Photographs within your content enhance and establish your authenticity. Without authenticity, your content is more likely to be passed over or ignored. In order for photos to lend an air of authenticity to your content, they must feature good technical execution (they’re not amateur photographs), they must have a trace of humanity within them, and they must be relatable to your audience.

Establishing a Connection with Your Audience

The ultimate goal of using photographs within your content is not to simply provide visual stimuli or to illustrate the points made in your content. It is to establish a deeper connection with your audience. Human beings, no matter how analytical, and no matter what age, are emotional creatures. We connect with content not simply by a picture matching a point being made, but by that image touching us in some way. For instance, if your content deals with the dangers of cyberattacks, in image of money might make your point when talking about theft, but a picture of a cold, bleak future might make a deeper connection with the reader.

In the end, pictures are very important for all types of content that you’ll use in your inbound marketing strategy. The right pictures can make a world of difference. However, the wrong pictures can detract from your message. At Words You Want, we provide not only expert content creation, but we can also pair that content with evocative, effective photographs. Contact us today for more information.

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