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While simply being present and active on the right social networks can make a big difference in the success of your online marketing efforts, it’s no secret that social media ads can propel you much higher. In some instances, putting an ad on Facebook or another social network might actually be both cheaper and more effective than attempting to build your audience by hand. Of course, this is still advertising, and if your ads are not created correctly, not only will you fail to see success, you’ll be spending money just to fail. How do you get better results from your social media ads?

Know Your Budget

This tip doesn’t really apply to your entire marketing budget, but rather to what you can afford to spend per user acquired through social media ads. What is each conversion worth to your company? For instance, if it costs you $5 per person and you get five new followers, you’ll have spent $25, but for what? Is that worth it to your business? Each company is unique, so you’ll need to determine this for yourself.

Test More Than One Version of Your Ad

In the industry, this is referred to as A/B testing because you’re testing multiple versions (A, B, C, D) of the same ad to determine which one works best for which type of audience. The more you can experiment, the better your results will be. You’ll find that you can tweak one ad and use it for more than one audience, as well, reducing the costs going into the creation of your ads while simultaneously improving performance.

Use Facebook Buttons

When you create an ad for use on the news feed in Facebook, you’ll be able to choose to use one of several different buttons, or to omit the button completely. When in doubt, use the “learn more” button to encourage your viewers to take action. Leaving out the button means that you’re missing a critical component to your ad – a direction for users to take action. While they can click the ad, certainly, this isn’t always clear. Having a “learn more” button tells your users what you want them to do. Other button options available include “shop now”, “sign up”, “download” and more.

Test Different Ad Copy

While images are crucial to the performance of your ad, the ad copy itself is just as important. You cannot afford to make this a blatant ad like you’d find in a magazine. The copy should incite curiosity, tease a solution to a problem, or pose a question that your audience is asking and imply that the answer can be found with your company. Use the same principles you would if you were creating a PPC ad for Google AdWords. Don’t sell outright. Incite curiosity and get the reader to click the ad.

Create Custom Landing Pages for Each Ad

In order to ensure that you’re only paying for ads that are actually working and to drill down into ad performance, create a custom landing page for each page. You can then use Google Analytics or another similar program to dig into the number of visitors who land on the page and where they came from (in the instance that you’re using the same ad on more than one site).

With the right steps and the right tools, you can increase the effectiveness of your social media ads without spending a fortune.


Do you have any social media ad tips? Share them in the comments!

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