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Of all industries, real estate is an ideal business to take advantage of inbound marketing. From a content marketing perspective alone, you have a plethora of content creation ideas at your finger tips. Here are four real estate inbound marketing tips that all real estate professionals should be using – no matter what aspect of the industry you work in.

  1. Clear and Concise Web Content – Your website’s content is the first impression that your potential home buyers or sellers have of your business. If your content is sparse, sporadic or just poorly written, it is a major turn off to your website’s visitors. If you don’t pay attention to your website’s content, what will happen when they are making transactions with you. Will your contracts be accurate? Will you thoroughly explain the process to them? Your website’s content should be the top priority before you start any other marketing efforts.
  2. Calls To Action (CTA) – There should be no shortage of CTAs on your website. Real estate is a lead generator’s dream. There are always going to be people looking to move and sell their house. Your website should make it easy for them to hand over their contact information. You can get this information in a variety of methods from forms on your website to free giveaways that request their contact details in return.
  3. Giveaways¬† – Speaking of free giveaways. There are tons of topics that can be used to create free giveaways on your real estate website. The most basic being individual guides for both sellers and buyers in your area. Let’s say you sell ranches in East Texas. What is the must know information that your buyer’s need when shopping? This content makes a perfect giveaway in exchange for their name, email and phone number. The same goes with sellers or real estate investors. The options are endless and they only need to be 5-10 pages long, so they are affordable to have written as well!
  4. Blogs –¬†Again, the real estate industry has tons of topics for blogs. Your blog can be a guide to the neighborhoods in your area. They can feature properties you’re selling. They can talk about local attractions, restaurants, shopping and anything else that attracts people to your area. With blogs being posted on a regular basis, you’ll attract regular traffic and you’ll become the go to authority for real estate in your area.

These four tips are just a few of the components of inbound marketing that works for real estate agents and brokers. They can be applied simply and easily as well. If you’re busy selling real estate and don’t have time to create this content, Words You Want is here to help. We have been working with real estate agents for over a decade and in some of the top markets in the country.

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