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Part of typing machine with typed blog wordYour blog is one of the most vital tools in your arsenal. It allows you to connect directly with your audience, and your posts can be shared far and wide around the Internet. However, if you’re not able to manage your blog effectively, you won’t see the full value of this marketing tool. In fact, depending on how badly you’re struggling, you might see no value at all. The following tips will help ensure that you can manage your blog effectively at all times.

Set a Posting Schedule and Stick to It

Nothing turns your readers off more than hitting your blog only to find that the same post from last month is still featured. This tells them several things, including that you really don’t care about producing informative content to keep them in the loop. You cannot afford that, even if you really do care and have just fallen behind. Create a posting schedule and then stick to it as closely as possible. While there’s nothing wrong with a few days’ worth of variance between posts, you can’t vary too much.

Use the Right Plugins

Whether you’re using WordPress, Blogger, or you have a built-in blog on your website, there are many plugins that you can use to help automate and streamline the blog management process. There are plugins for security, to validate commenters and users, to safeguard content that’s behind a paywall and more. If you’re not using the right plugins, you’ll find your job much more difficult, if not impossible.

Create Topics and Research Well Ahead of Time

One of the largest holdups in the blogging process is just coming up with topics and then researching them. After all, blogging is not likely your fulltime job and you have plenty of other responsibilities calling for your attention. If you’re doing your own blogging, make sure you schedule time to come up with topics and research trends and areas of interest for your audience well in advance. Alternatively, you can hire professionals to do this for you.

Track Visitor Origin and Focus Sharing on Those Locations

While some of your traffic will be from visitors who actually type in your URL and visit directly, a large portion will come from social shares, either from your company or by readers sharing your content. Track the origin of those visitors so that you can double-down on sharing within those networks. The higher the percentage of visitors from a specific network is, the better fit that network is for your needs (the higher the concentration of users who are interested in your company, products, services or industry).

Schedule Your Posts

While you might write all your posts for a month on a single day, you don’t want to post them all at the same time. Likewise, posting one each day is time consuming. There’s a better way – schedule them ahead of time. Most blogging platforms now feature a tool that allows you to upload and schedule a post to be published on a day in the future, even at a specific time on that date. Use this tool to your advantage.

With these tips, you should find your blogging is simplified and management is made easier. Of course, you can also find professional help with everything from blog writing to blog management with the experts at Words You Want. Get in touch today to learn more.


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