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canstockphoto21088164.jpgWhen it comes to content marketing, there are more than a few misconceptions out there. As a result, many businesses stay away from this element of marketing, thinking it will not be effective or that it is too expensive. The fact is, content marketing is a crucial component of any marketing strategy and learning the truth about it will help you see why it should be included in your marketing arsenal.

MYTH: It’s Expensive

Effective content marketing is a very labor intensive process. As a result, there is typically a high cost associated with it. This includes everything from videography to writing and design. If a business is investing in something they are only going to use once, then it can get quite costly. This is why it is important to seek opportunities to repurpose it when necessary. For example, make a magazine that includes all the top-performing blogs or re-edit your videos to use on Snapchat, Vine or Instagram. In 2015, approximately 29 percent of leading marketers repurposed and reused content.

MYTH: It Provides Quick Results

The creation of quality content will take time and seeing results from this can take even a longer period of time. This is why it is essential that stakeholders are educated about the process. The fact is, it can take up to 90 days of constant and consistent posting to see results from this effort. While content marketing is measurable, it will take time to get accurate data, in many cases, up to six months.

MYTH: It’s Only an SEO Play

While content marketing can do wonders in regard to SEO, after all, Google loves high-quality, fresh content, incorporating keywords a bit too zealously can have two negative results:

  • You create content that is full of jargon that no one will want to read.
  • Google will hit you with a Panda penalty because you are trying to “game the system.”

This is why it is essential to write for your actual audience, rather than the crawling bots. You will likely discover that your best performing posts will be ones that are written for people, rather than focused on SEO.

MYTH: Viral Content is Easy to Create

Creating a viral post just takes a great idea, right? This is completely untrue. There are quite a few good ideas executed each day; however, there are very few that actually “break the Internet.” While you can request viral content, it is important to realize that this is not something you can make at whim – it is something that happens organically. You have the best chance of creating viral content when you create pieces that are in line with what interests your audience. This means you need to get to know them and what they want – then deliver. While there is no absolute formula to find success, when you understand what your customer needs, it is a good place to start. Also, remember, the chances of your content going viral is really one in a million.

MYTH: A Lot of Shares or Traffic Means Success

While it is great to have content that catches on fire, it does not necessarily mean that is a victory. This is really dependent on the KPIs. If you create interesting content but it does not create any new leads, then this really has not benefited your business in any way.

Relatable, relevant and sharable are all factors to keep in mind when creating content. This will help you create content that actually produces results that you can see.


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