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canstockphoto26958429When developing a content marketing campaign, it is important to know your target audience thoroughly. You should have an ideal buyer drawn up to focus your marketing efforts on. This is how to serve the wants, needs, and desires of your prospects.

If your target market is the Millennials, then you may need a few tips to relate to this generation. But first, for those that don’t know, Millennials is the term used to describe the generation born in the early 1980s to the year 2000. This generation was born during a boom of technology. Therefore, the Millennials tend to be “in the know” about even the most obscure tech device and they enjoy sharing on social media.

This segment of the population makes up 82 million people in the United States. According to NewsCred, a content marketing platform, by the year 2020 Millennials will make up $1.4 trillion in spending power. NewsCred conducted a valuable survey and analyzed the data to produce a special report PDF.

Why You Must Create Content Differently for Millennials

In the survey, NewsCred reported that Millennials respond to content when it is adapted to their cultural interests, their location, and their age. Your content must be laser-focused and relevant to this generation.

Your content must entertain, inspire, or educate in order to have the chance of being read. 31% of Millennials reported on the survey they would buy from a company that delivers valuable and educational content.

However, if that content is too long, 41% said they would abandon and click-away. Try to keep your content shorter in length and concise. Millennials tend to read content they perceive as intelligent.

Millennials are emotionally driven. They tend to make decisions based on their emotions. The majority of Millennials surveyed said they share content that is funny (72%) and thought provoking (62%).

This generation of sharing can be explained by four psychological reasons:

  • Self-definition
  • Relationship building
  • Entertainment
  • Self-fulfillment

Your target audience can be found on multiple social media platforms. When drawing up your ideal buyer, you will narrow down the characteristics to a single person, and thus probably only one or two platforms. Millennials can be found searching Google, Facebook, and Pinterest. Of this generation, 65% of prospects search Facebook for content.

How to Create Content Marketing that Will Target Millennials

To reach this generation of fast-paced young adults, your content must be:

  • concise and thorough at the same time
  • targeted to the location of where the prospects live
  • written with a sense of culture
  • valuable and authentic

When it comes to sharing, 32% only share after taking the social platform into consideration. Some Millennials never post on Pinterest, but practically live on Facebook. Find which of the platforms your target audience is spending the majority of their time on.

Since Millennials tend to share content that is funny, thought provoking, or is relevant to their inner circle, you should consider the different forms of content. Millennials watch mostly online video. You could create videos using YouTube or Periscope to attract your audience. Memes and GIFs are great forms to use to deliver funny, shareable content.

Millennials appreciate transparency and engage in communication with their favorite brands online. Most of the online participation is done by 52% of Millennials through company websites and 49% surveyed use the brand’s social media page. This generation prefers brands they know and trust and that have a great product.

To target Millennials in your content marketing, take time to search engine optimize your website and social media pages by offering valuable and useful information.

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