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Screenshot 2015-10-19 14.30.45Social media has taken the world by storm and businesses are working hard to keep up. Perhaps your business has a Facebook page and Twitter following. Great! But, did you know another effective media tool is audio and video? Your following is busy and they will consume your content, albeit at times in small chunks. However, people respond to video.

Customers will watch a video because it is visually stimulating and perceived as quick (even if the video is ten minutes). Give your customers valuable and useful information in this video and you will create fans. The challenge for many businesses is not knowing where to start. Now there is a way to make video quick and painless.

Periscope is an app launched in the Spring of 2015 and is available for both iOS and Android. It is a social networking site that integrates with Twitter and provides live video streaming from your phone. With Periscope you can use your phone to stream a live video to promote your business by offering useful information or showing your following what you are involved in.

Customers will deal with people they like, know, and trust. This includes businesses. Your live video broadcast will reveal your authentic self and show transparency. And once you build relationships with your followers using that trust factor, your business can monetize Periscope. According to Periscope’s website by August 2015, only four months after launching, 10 million people had accounts. Your community or tribe is on Periscope.

The following is a list of 5 ways you can use Periscope for your business and connect with your community.

Make an Account

Joining Periscope is easy. Just fill out the simple form and add your website URL. Think about the type of useful information and topics you want to share with the world.

Learn From a Pro

With any new technology, there may be a learning curve. Check out what other people in your industry are doing. Don’t copy them, but use this information to spark ideas for your broadcast.

Use a Snappy Headline

Broadcasts are only available for 24 hours, so you will want to make sure you get the public’s attention the right way. Create several headlines before choosing one and make sure it contains attention-getting strategies, like being unique, useful, or urgent.

Be a Good Steward of Time

Don’t monopolize other people’s time. Keep your video to less than 20 minutes at least. You may prefer to do shorter videos with a high-value punch instead of long videos that may lose your follower if you hit a slow part. With Periscope you can choose who you want your broadcast to be for, public or private. This will help you focus on what to say to your specific group or to the World Wide Web.

Tell Them What You Want Them To Do

Many business owners leave out a call to action at the end of a social media post or campaign. If you manage a company that sells high-end lawn mowers and live streamed a video on how to use your lawn mower to mulch, be sure to remind your viewer to “visit our website and click Lawn Ideas.” Any directives will do and do not necessarily have to be to order a product. You can tell your viewer to subscribe to a list, register for a webinar, or sign up for a free e-Book.

The possibilities are endless with Periscope. Your business can scope a wide range of views or topics, how-to, or even just thanking your viewers for following you. It really is all about social networking and building a relationship.

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