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NotebookOne of the most difficult parts of marketing and keeping up with your blog is simply coming up with the topic ideas for your articles. Whether you outsource to someone to help you write the posts or you attempt to do it on your own, the topics are always a key element. Of course, those who are not accustomed to creating subjects on a regular basis might find they have some trouble with this. It doesn’t have to be difficult at all though, and this post will provide you with some helpful pointers and simple tips that will make coming up with great topics nice and easy.

Know Your Business

First, you need to know your business, which should be easy. What is it that you offer your clients and customers? What is it that drives you and your business and what types of messages do you want to get out to people. You know your business and products better than anyone else does, which is a good thing. However, to come up with topics and subjects that are of interest to those who are just now starting to learn about your company and what you offer, it’s sometimes good to think like the customer. What types of information will they want to know and need to know about your business?

Know Your Goals

Additionally, it helps to know the goals of the posts when coming up with content. Take time to think about your content goals, and remember that not all of your posts need to focus on the same exact goal. In fact, if they do, it could turn people away. You want to have a variety of different types of posts.

Should the post try to attract attention, which can boost awareness of your brand and possibly even go viral? Should the post attempt to educate the clients on your offerings and establish you as a trustworthy name in the field? Should the post be geared toward making the reader take some type of action, such as signing up for a newsletter or email, or even buy a product? Is the post attempting to generate traffic?

These are the most basic and common goals that you will have. It’s important to change up the types of posts and the topics based on the goals you have at the time. It’s also a good rule of thumb to try to come up with a list of topics all at once rather than doing them piecemeal. As you get closer to writing about each specific topic, you can narrow your focus and make the topic fit neatly into your particular niche.

Find the Hook and Reel Them In

Every article needs some type of hook, something that will make the reader who sees the title want to read more. More than that, the hook has to carry through the article and make them actually want to finish the entire thing. Whether it is taking a stand on a subject, looking at something in a fresh light, telling a story, hitting on something topical and connecting it to your business in some way, entertaining someone, or educating someone, there needs to be something to pull the reader through the article.

When you are trying to come up with topics, think about these hooks, emotion, along with your goals and the knowledge you have of your business, it becomes easier to come up with good topics, just make sure that it fulfills the needs or wants of a customer, and that it offers some form of enjoyment while reading. It doesn’t need to be comedy gold or a Nobel winner. It just needs to speak to the reader in some way.

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