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Does your company use Amazon as a platform to sell its products? If not, it’s definitely something you should consider, since it’s the default shopping website for millions of people your business may not currently be reaching. And if you do, then why not take Amazon selling to the next level? There’s no such thing as selling your products in a vacuum, especially in this modern age—they’ll be surrounded by information somehow, and it’s up to you what kind of information that is. Should you trust Google and other search engines to get your customers the best information about the uses and benefits of your product? It’s hit or miss. Instead, why not hire a professional writing company to create a unique e-book that you can give to customers for free when they buy your products?

E-books Are Versatile

The great thing about e-books is that they’re adaptable to virtually any context. If your product needs to be explained in great detail, e-books can be long enough to do that. If your product is simple and just needs a basic overview, that’s also no problem—it’s not uncommon to see e-books of only 2000 words or so. They can also incorporate pictures and infographics; think of them as a small magazine or publication rather than a traditional “book”, though text-only e-books are fine too.

E-books Are Cheap to Produce

Since e-books are created and distributed on the Internet, you won’t have to pay publishing and materials costs. The only cost you’ll have to cover is the writing, and most companies are quite reasonable when it comes to this. Remember, though, that you get what you pay for, so don’t pay $10 and expect a polished product.

Reinforce the Benefits of Your Product

The best way to get repeat customers is to show them how useful and beneficial your product is—to give them the knowledge about it to go along with the experience of using it. A free e-book puts all that information into one easily accessible place. You know how great your product is, but your customers need a little more convincing, so give them a reason to find out that it’s great for themselves.

Use Facts and Research

However, don’t be tempted to just make claims with no evidence to back them up. A good e-book will be research-driven and be full of credible sources. Don’t try to fudge the evidence by consulting fake “experts”, though—modern readers seem to have a sixth sense for dishonesty. Only make claims that you can substantiate with trustworthy news sources or scientific journals.

Free E-books Are Easy to Share

Producing a free e-book and sending it out to your Amazon customers could have the beneficial side effect of resulting in extra publicity! Include information that your customers will find useful, and they’ll be too happy to share it with their friends. The age of the Internet has made word-of-mouth marketing more powerful than ever, since it only takes one click of a button for readers to share information with their friends. Even if they don’t send the e-book itself to their friends, they’ll probably recommend your product next time a friend is looking for a solution to the problem your product addresses.

There’s nothing to lose by trying free e-book distribution. For an affordable one-time expense, you can have a lasting source of information that you can send to customers over and over. This is a strategy that works for all types of industries—if you have something to say about your product, you can say it in an e-book. The format may change, but sharing useful information with your customers never goes out of style.

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