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iStock_000023073680SmallAt the heart of every successful Kickstarter or crowdfunding campaign is one simple thing: a story. And nobody knows how to write a story quite like, well, a writer! That’s why you should give some serious consideration to hiring a professional writing company to compose your campaign page. Here are just a few of the ways hiring professional writers will pay for itself in the long term.

Grab Readers’ Attention

We’ve all gotten letters and emails asking for donations—and we know they only have a second or two to captivate us before they get deleted or thrown into the garbage. Poor grammar, a slew of typos, or a lackluster lead sentence is a foolproof way to get your campaign ignored by everyone except your sympathetic aunt. Professional writers know how to make people read past the first sentence, and that’s the key to even getting your foot in the door. They can capture the essence of what you’re trying to accomplish with your project, and craft that purpose into a compelling introduction that makes people stick around.

Passion Doesn’t Make Perfect

There’s a reason you’re starting a Kickstarter or other crowdfunding campaign: you have a passion. A dream. A goal to strive toward. And that’s amazing: life without passion is often boring and meaningless. However, passionate writing doesn’t always mean good writing. When we’re heavily invested in something, it’s hard to realize if we’re coming across effectively, or if somewhere between our head and the Word document, something got lost in translation. Ever garbled your words when you’re excited? It’s the same principle. Having an outside source come in and untangle your thoughts ensures that you will communicate your message clearly and effectually.

Conciseness is Key

True, readers want a story—but they also have a very low tolerance for beating around the bush. It can be difficult to strike that balance between emotion and efficiency—between touching their hearts and convincing them to touch their wallets—but professional writers are trained to do exactly that. You don’t want your campaign proposal to be a stripped-down skeleton of itself, but you also don’t want your message  to be lost in a sea of annoying “fluff” writing. Professional writers know that “concise” doesn’t mean “bare bones”. Every word should serve a function.

Outside Perspective

Sometimes when we’re so wrapped up in our big ideas, little details slip through the cracks. As your professional writers are doing their research and piecing together the soul of your campaign, they might be able to notice things you missed. It’s also important to be able to seamlessly integrate those details within the context of the bigger picture, so your audience not only knows what your end goal is, but can also see all the individual steps you plan to take in order to achieve it.

You Do the Work—We’ll Worry About the Words

You have your hands full enough trying to start your business, project, or event. There’s no good reason you should stress yourself out over semicolons and synonyms, especially if you’ve never been much of a writer. It’s important to know your limits—what you can do and what you can’t. Not everyone is a professional writer, but by hiring a professional writing company, you can get the words you want without pulling your hair out in the process.

So, even though the prospect of spending money before your project is even funded might not sound that attractive, it’s definitely worth the expense to hire a professional writing company. It can make the difference between making 20% of your goal and 800%. Start your campaign off right, and the rest will follow.

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