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A couple of weeks ago I wrote a blog on automating your business and a few of the online services that I use to make the management side of Words You Want easier. One of the services that I mentioned was CoSchedule. CoSchedule is a WordPress plugin that allows you to integrate your blogging and social media into one easy step. You write the blog and at the same time you can set up corresponding social media posts for that blog. To make things even easier, if you decide you want a blog or a post to go out on a different day, you just drag and drop them in the calendar. It’s so easy and a little fun as well!

After installing CoSchedule I got a message within the platform asking if I’d like a free notebook (and seriously, I never turn down anything free – I mean who does?). Today, that notebook arrived, as well as a nice, handwritten note from “Julie.” I have to say that I’ve never seen a business not only give me something free, but then top it off with a nice handwritten note. Totally made my day!


What Do You Do For Your Clients?

At the same time, this nice little gift got me to thinking. What do you do for your clients to add that personal touch? Do you treat them like they’re a part of the family? Do you try to make doing business with you fun? It may just be our Southern roots, but here at Words You Want, we’ve always tried to make doing business with us fast, easy and friendly. Sure, there are things we have to charge for that most writing businesses might not charge for (like phone calls), but we try to counteract that with fast and friendly email communications and not to mention service. Besides, email ensures you always have a direct line to us no matter where we are whether it’s Wal-Mart or half way around the world. It doesn’t matter if it’s 11pm on a Sunday night, I’m usually available to answer your questions – unless I’ve really just passed out from exhaustion – it happens.

We try to keep things a little fun and lighthearted as well. That’s one of the reasons we developed the Words You Want Wheel of Prizes. We could just give out a coupon code now and then, but what fun is that? Isn’t far more exciting to spin a wheel and see what you win? My point is – adding that personal touch whether it’s a fun way to win discounts, a handwritten note and a free notebook or even an ink pen can seriously make somebody’s day and encourage them to keep on doing business (or decide to do business) with you. I think it’s easy to live in this Internet business world and forget that there are real people on the other side of those email address and web pages.

So tell us, what do you do to add that personal touch?

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