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iStock_000015003066XSmallNearly every day I give critiques and suggestions on how a client can improve their web content or I give estimates on the cost of writing content for entirely new websites. In most cases, I find that the homepages are always lacking either in information or they’re simply non-existent.


No Homepage Content at All

This issue is found on ecommerce sites most frequently. Their focus is on selling their products, but without some sort of introductory text to your business, you are missing out on communicating with your visitors, as well as keyword opportunities.

If you aren’t going to include homepage text, at least make sure your site has a Meta description. Meta tags may not be as important as they once were, but without a meta description for your homepage, the search engines won’t have a description to post with your link in the search results.


Tell Us What Your Business Is!

This goes back to the homepage as well. I can’t count how many times I’ve been on a “consulting” site and had no idea what their actual business or service was. Who were they consulting with and why? If your visitors can’t determine what your business is from your homepage, you’re making it too hard. Even 100 words will go a long way in educating and enticing your visitors.


Don’t Make Pages Longer Than They Need to Be

There’s really nothing worse than going to a website and seeing a 1,000 word homepage that’s northing more than an extended sales letter stuffed with keywords. Newsflash – nobody’s going to read 1000 words on why they should buy toilets from you.

Again, this is something I commonly see at the bottom of ecommerce sites, but it’s also common on a variety of others. There’s really no point and the days of keyword stuffed pages are long gone. Unfortunately, a lot of people out there haven’t got that memo yet and I still get requests to write these.


In most cases, a homepage can be kept simple and sweet. Don’t overwhelm your reader, but do communicate with them. Tell them what you’re about and what information they can find within your site. From there, make it easy for them to find that information through an easy to navigate website design. Focus on answering your visitor’s questions before they ask them.

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