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thumbnailNews-jacking is the process of using the news to your advantage by implementing your own views into up and coming news stories with the sole purpose of generating a lot of media coverage. Journalists are always looking for information when writing these breaking news stories. By creating the content they need, you ensure your business is included in these all-important articles that are sure to be viewed by an incredibly large audience.

In the world of news-jacking, you have to act fast. The world of news reporting is a fast and competitive business, so you have to be the first to get your information out there. You can stay on top of the game by setting up news alerts so you are notified of breaking news as quickly as possible. There are also news sites that post articles about events that others do not, so you can target specific audiences depending on the message you want delivered.

It’s important to choose your newsworthy event carefully. It is considered bad taste to jump on the tail end of a natural disaster or death story. While these types of news stories are read by a large amount of people, if you attempt to force your company and views into them you are liable to create a negative public opinion about it. If you absolutely must ride the coattails of a negative news story, be sure to put a positive spin on things.

If you decide to try out news-jacking as a method of increasing your company’s visibility, be sure to choose subjects that are relevant to your business. If your company specializes in high-end auto, you wouldn’t want to find yourself mentioned in an article about world hunger or poverty.

Stay true to yourself. When you write up the post, be sure to keep your company’s message in mind. You want to put it in words that everyone will understand while making it as interesting as possible. Depending on the popularity of the story you are hoping to news-jack, there is liable to be several others playing the same angle. Put your own spin on it while maintaining the integrity of the story.

In addition to being a valuable tool in your marketing strategy, news-jacking is also beneficial to getting the message of your business out to as many potential consumers as possible. It can be done quickly and cheaply, and is a good way to improve the reputation and sales performance of your business.

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