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IMG_1238In November I signed up for the Google Glass Explorer Program. I’ve been quite interested in Google Glass since it came out and my favorite photographer, Trey Ratcliff, is always taking pictures, making videos and generally talking very positively about the product. I was hoping to see how I could use them as a tool for Words You Want. I receive somewhere around 350 emails per day, so if I could literally see a message come in and answer it, that could be really useful, right?

The first strike for me after I received the Google Glass was the fact that they work best with Android phones. Of course, I’m an Apple user. I’ve got an iMac, iPad, and iPhone so I’m hooked into the iOS platform and for good reason – everything syncs with everything! It’s how I stay organized. To fully use Google Glass, you need an Android phone so you can download the Glass app and use it for your text messages, GPS, etc.

The second issue I had was that if I wanted to leave the house, Glass became practically useless. I would have to tether it to my phone via Bluetooth which results in data charges as well as drains my phone battery. If Glass could just connect via Bluetooth and use your data without your hotspot having to be on, then it would be more useful and compatible with the iPhone, but unfortunately it doesn’t.

The third issue is that when I did receive my emails and tried to respond to them, you get a very small window of time to talk before Glass automatically sends the message. If you hesitate between sentences for just a moment, Glass sends the message off. I would really like to be able to send a fully thought out message and then tell Glass that I’m ready to send it.

The fourth issue that I had was that the battery life was short and they would overheat on me. I made several videos of Christmas morning with Glass and while the experience was fun and cool, they overheated and shut down on me near the end of our gift unwrapping.

Besides these issues, my own personal issue is that I’m not really one to say my emails out loud. It got a little weird to me talking to a pair of glasses. While I did love the photo and video feature and how it could be hands free, I really didn’t want a $1500 hands free camera. I was really hoping they would be a useful tool for my business.

I do believe that once Google gets their iPhone app completed and once Glass officially launches, many of these issues will be resolved. I think I can wait though and I might try them out again later down the road. For now, they’ve just been sitting on my desk, so I decided to send them back. For the short while that we did have them, it was fun though.


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