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OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAGoogle released their latest algorithm update, Hummingbird, last week. It’s the biggest change that Google’s made to their search functionality in the last 10 years and they released it on their 15th birthday.

Mobile Friendly Searches

There are a number of important things to consider with this update, but the most important one appears to be related to how people search on their mobile devices. To illustrate this, Google actually utilized images of their mobile app.

Let’s face it, we’re probably on our smartphones and tablets more than we’re on our desktops and laptops these days. I can’t count the number of times I’ve been out shopping and had to search for something like “What aisle are the pimentos on in Wal-Mart?”  Yes, I’ve actually searched it. Unfortunately there wasn’t an obvious answer, just a link to buy pimentos at However, this is exactly what the Hummingbird update is designed to help users with.

Hummingbird is specifically designed to help people find answers to their questions as quickly as possible. It’s no longer about the keywords, but about the intent of the search itself.


What You Really Want to Know – Not Who Has the Better Keyword Ranking

This is going to be a bit of a hard one to swallow for most SEOs and marketers because the last 15 years have been so focused on keyword rankings and results. Hummingbird is shifting from delivering search results based on keywords alone, but on the actual question being asked by the searcher.

What’s this mean for your content? It means that you can finally create content that is solely reader oriented and Google will find it! If you’re making an effort to be an authority and educate your readers by answering their questions, you’ll be rewarded for your effort. It’s all about naturally written content that is truly reader oriented. It’s the best thing possible that could happen for content marketing and writing for the web generally speaking. This truly eliminates the days of keyword density and percentages. It’s all about creating useful content.


Hummingbird – You Don’t Have to be Afraid! 

In the past we had Panda and Penguin and, honestly, most of us were pretty scared of those guys. I mean, they looked relatively sweet and friendly, but that’s not what a lot of SEOs and website owners thought as they watched their traffic vanish. Hummingbird, so far, looks to be relatively friendly and nothing to be afraid of. If you’re focusing on good, descriptive content that provides answers to questions, then you’re going to be quite alright.

So, what are the questions that you’re readers need answers to? That’s what we need to be focusing on now. That’s going to be your “sugar water” to Hummingbird.

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