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In the writing business, you’re constantly under scrutiny. Everything you write is always being judged. One misplaced word and you’re suddenly accused of outsourcing work to a foreign company.  Just as bad, you might be accused of being a “content farmer,” those companies known for outsourcing work and producing nothing but incoherent and useless content.

However, despite how quick some clients and companies may be to make such accusations about legitimate writing companies, I find it interesting that there are a slew of “writing companies” to be found online that offer content as low as $1.99. It seems to me that in times like this when Google has been making it clear that the key to improved search rankings is quality content, businesses would want to use quality writing companies.

The old adage “you get what you pay for” is certainly the case in content writing. If you pay $1.99 for an article, you shouldn’t expect much.  There are a number of issues with businesses such as these.

Content Created for Pennies

If a writer can work for pennies, then how are they making a living? No American can work for pennies and you shouldn’t expect quality work for content that you pay pennies for.

Who’s Your Writer?

Platforms such as these create a large database of projects that writers grab and write. This strategy doesn’t provide you with any way of ensuring the writer truly understands your business, your market, your goals and your audience. If you don’t know the writer, how can they know your business?

Spin Tag Versions For Free!

Really? If Panda and Penguin have taught us anything, it’s that spinning is no longer an option. Why on earth would a company that has your best interest in mind offer to provide you spun content?

Don’t Take a Chance with Your Content

Don’t take a chance with the quality of your content. Companies like this are a dime a dozen and if all you want is cheap content then that’s what you can expect. If you want content that is well-researched, well-written and follows the latest Google guidelines, then you’ve got to use a company with experience, proven quality and quick communication. Content marketing is the key to doing well in the search engines today and the last place a website needs to cut corners is in their content.

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