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PRNewswire_logoWhen PR Newswire approached us about becoming a partner in early August, I was very excited. All of our clients who have had any success with their PRs used PR Newswire and were picked up by media outlets such as Fox Business News and the Wall Street Journal’s Marketwire. One was even contacted by Animal Planet! These are huge platforms for a business to receive attention from.

The other aspect that excited me was the fact that the services and the rates that PR Newswire offered were always rather elusive to me since you have to contact the company to find out that information. I saw this as my opportunity to really see how this company works and what it could do for our clients.

Superior Distribution Over the Competition

What I’ve found out is that there are many aspects of PR Newswire that makes them different with the main one being that they have the best distribution hands down.

The PR Newswire network includes over 200,000 media points, 8,000+ web sites and PR Newswire’s content distribution network. Just the simple act of posting to the PRNewswire site alone allows a PR to be reached by 3 million unique visitors per month.

The online visibility is not the best part to me though. The best part is that PR Newswire distributes to more than just websites. Your PR ends up in actual print and broadcast newsrooms across the nation. Most of these sites that offer free PR distribution or much cheaper options do nothing more than simply post your PR to their website. If you want your PR to be seen, you’ve got to get in front of an audience that matters and a free PR site is not going to give you that audience. There are no real journalists on those sites.

Reach Your State, Region or the World

The other huge benefit of PR Newswire is that your PR can go as far and wide as you want it to.

Do you have local news you just want to send out locally? They have an option for that.

Want to reach a region of states? They have that too.

Want to reach the entire world? You can do that too.

Whether you want your news to stay in town or be spread rampant around social media, PR Newswire has a variety of distribution options to choose from in several different budget ranges. Sure, you’re going to pay more than you would at other sites, but the options that are offered are far superior to any other PR distribution site available today. You can even reach multicultural audiences or Hispanic newslines. Their options are unlimited.

Want to do something even more unique with your news? With their iReach option, your PR’s headline and photo can be posted on the Reuter’s sign in Times Square. Talk about a unique opportunity to market your business.

Plus, with PR distribution, you still get to take advantage of the SEO benefits that a PR offers as well, such as embedded social media links and brand mentions. Items that are becoming more important as search engines, such as Google, evolve.

Get Agile

If you truly want to harness the power of PR Newswire and really get your news out there, you can go full throttle with their Agility platform distribution. This platform is far reaching both online and in traditional media. This package offers:

  • Access to a database of 700,000 journalists and bloggers
  • More than 300,000 updates to contact records each month
  • Distribution to more than 8,000 websites and tens of thousands of journalists and bloggers
  • Global press release distribution
  • State of the art monitoring and reporting
  • Reporting of what is being said and by whom across traditional media and social media
  • The opportunity to engage in real time with journalists, bloggers and other social influencers

Agility is more than just PR distribution, it offers a dashboard that allows you to monitor and integrate your own social accounts so that you can engage with your audience in regard to press release as it occurs.

Easy Access

With Words You Want working as your PR writing and distribution partner, you can take full advantage of everything PR Newswire has to offer without tying yourself down. Because PR Newswire is a membership organization, they charge an annual membership fee, when you distribute via Words You Want, you don’t have to pay that fee. That’s savings of $195 or more per year in just a membership fee!

We can write and distribute the PR for you, you simply let us know what audience you’re trying to reach and we’ll provide you with your options and pricing. Once you’ve made your selection, we’ll post the PR for you and provide you with a full report. It doesn’t get much easier than that.

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