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Due to the recent changes in Google’s link schemes, we’ve decided that we will no longer be offering guest blogging services. In July it was initially announced that anchor text links would be the next item under fire by Google, so we changed how we wrote and linked our bylines for guest blogs. Now it has recently been announced that all guest blogging links should be marked as “no follow.”

This leads me to the question – what’s the point? I don’t want clients spending their money on strategies that could potentially create penalties for them, so I can no longer offer this service in good faith. Throughout the years SEO tactics have changed based on what Google wants. Instead of rolling out large changes like Panda and Penguin, as of late they have just been changing their link scheme rules. They have always touted that good, quality content on your website and/or blog is going to be the ideal method of rising in the ranks and developing natural backlinks.

Here are the link schemes as quoted from Google’s Webmaster Tools:

“Large-scale article marketing or guest posting campaigns with keyword-rich anchor text links.”

 This also includes:

“Widely distributed links in the footers of various sites.”

More details on what Google doesn’t allow can be found at 

These changes effectively eliminate the byline links with any guest post period from anchor text to branded keywords, etc. We only want to provide services that will be in the best interest of our clients.  Google is trying to eliminate all forms of link building that could be used to manipulate search results and guest blogging now falls under this heading.


What’s the Best Strategy Moving Forward?

Continue to build up your websites and blogs with quality content. We have been continually working and improving our methods of content creation and can assist you in topic creation as well as the writing aspect. We have also developed tools that automatically scan our content as it is written to ensure that it is unique and Copyscape clean.  The two best things you can do is to have a blog and maintain it as well as create a portal of information on your website. Google wants the Internet to be a library of quality content. They want websites to be the “books” in this library, so the best strategy you can take is to continually build on your site.

Simply put, the more information you have on your site, the larger your site will become and the more authoritative you will be in your industry, which is exactly what Google wants.

Words You Want has taken pride in reinventing ourselves every time Google makes a change. One thing that I know for sure is that you can never go wrong with building a portal of information on your website and we’re happy to assist you in that strategy.

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