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It certainly doesn’t matter how beautifully built your website is. If you don’t market it properly, no one will ever see it. Many businesses simply don’t realize everything it takes to step above the competition and actually become successful online. However, if you even want a chance, you need to understand what works with online marketing and what doesn’t.

Google Rules All

While it sounds strange that one company and one search engine can have ultimate power in a world where there are millions of websites, it is actually quite true. If you are punished in the Google search engine rankings, you will have problems. People use this site more than any other to the point that Google it is now synonymous with searching the web.

This means, for online marketing, you have to understand that everything Google does and every update it rolls out will have an impact on what you need to do. A good example of this would be the Penguin 2.0 update that rolled out last May. This new search algorithm completely shook up the Internet and left large and small businesses alike scrambling for a solution. The change was so drastic that it even affected major companies like Dish Network and Wikipedia. Obviously, it would have an impact on your own web presence.

Knowing What Works

Essentially, if you question the morals of any online marketing option, it probably doesn’t work. That’s because the newest Google update doesn’t just punish black hat (underhanded) marketing methods. It will actually punish anything that even remotely seems like it may be black hat. If you have been riding the fence up until now, you have to jump down on the white hat side or you will suffer in your search engine rankings.

A few things that will work for online marketing include:

  • Well-written content from a professional writer.
  • Guest blogs that are completely original (that includes the bio at the bottom).
  • Professionally written press releases.
  • Backlinking that uses high quality websites and links.
  • Content that will keep the reader on the page.

If you hire a professional writer and get their help with online marketing, then you can have a better chance of building your search engine rankings. A few things that will not work include: spammy links, poorly written content, keyword stuffing, duplicate content, and no social interaction. If you try to save money by hiring a questionable writer, then you are likely to watch your page drop in the rankings.

You need to know what works in online marketing and what doesn’t. If you don’t stay on top of things and make smart decisions, then you could suffer immensely and lose customers since they simply won’t be able to find you.

Because of the newest updates to Google, you have to be even more aware of the things that will work so that you can keep up with strict changes. You simply can no longer skate by on questionable content because Google has continued to get smarter and more technical.

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