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According to, Google has updated their link schemes document in their Webmaster guidelines and has included large-scale guest blog posting, ads and optimized anchor text in articles or press releases as types of links that violate their guidelines.

In an effort to maintain best SEO practices, Words You Want is continually adjusting how we perform guest blogging and linking. While we do complete these in bulk, our guest blog strategy does not post all blogs at once. The blogs are posted over a month’s time and sometimes longer depending on the subject matter.

Anchor text has already been eliminated due to the crack down that Google is making on it. For bylines, we encourage the use of Google+ accounts for authorship as well as Twitter handles and branded links only.

Over the past few months, co-citation and co-occurrence has been considered “the next big thing in SEO” by This is the process of link building without actually using links. Basically, you create a correlation of your site between another site, because you mention that site in your content. There’s actually no linking involved. Co-occurrence is doesn’t involve associating sites, but simply having related search terms occur in close proximity. It is the close proximity of the keywords and the website that is the important factor here.

Finally, it all comes down to quality content. If your content is quality and worthy of being mentioned or shared on the web, the better. Words You Want strives to provide quality content at all times.

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