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For most businesses, their website is a vital part of the way that they reach out to the public. Getting websites noticed in search engines, where the public is most likely to find them first, requires that there be a steady stream of quality content published on the site. For some businesses, the first strategy they pursue is to have existing employees write the content. This tends to be more expensive and more time consuming than having a professional do the work for several reasons.


Writing Is a Team Effort

Professional writers, though they have reputations for being solitary types, actually almost never work alone. Writing something of a high enough quality to be used to advertise a business requires that more than the writer be involved in the process. Editors are also vital and it’s important that the content a writer produces is reviewed by other professionals to check for simple errors and factual inaccuracies. This helps to ensure that quality is maintained at every step. It’s also nearly impossible for an individual to do this on their own, which is why newspapers, publishers, web sites and any other entities that produce content as part of their businesses address writing as a team endeavor.


The Time Factor

For non-professional writers, coming up with content is a very involved process. It’s easy to think of this by comparing it to other activities for which you have the option of hiring a professional or going the DIY route.

If you’re pretty handy with cars, you can probably handle maintenance tasks such as changing your oil and so forth. When you do this work, however, you’ll likely notice that it takes you a lot longer than it does for a professional mechanic to do the same job. This is simply due to experience. A professional—whether they’re a writer, a mechanic or in some other profession—does their job every day that they work, which means that they are very efficient and able to handle complex projects more quickly than non-professionals can. Where a non-professional writer may be able to turn out 1 or 2 good articles in a day, a professional can turn out 20 or 30.

This means that the people who contract professional writers get more done in less time than it would take them to do the project themselves. It also means that the other costs of the project—management, etc.—are much less, as they are simply put off onto the company handling the writing. This is economically much more feasible and, of course, it’s also a great way to make sure that deadlines are met, as professional writers make their livings by never missing deadlines.

Professional writing can make it possible to keep a lot of content flowing onto a site, increasing the search engine optimization characteristics of the site considerably. While it may seem easier to just have someone in the office handle the content for a site, that strategy usually ends up costing more, taking more time and producing less desirable results.

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