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iStock_000004470048XSmallHigh-quality content is a very versatile marketing option. The content can be written to satisfy most any need a client has and it can connect with readers on many different levels. This doesn’t always mean making an emotional appeal for a product or service. Read on to learn how this can be done for your product or service.


Informational Appeal

One of the really great things about Internet shopping is that customers can go through literally hundreds of different products very quickly and determine which ones might suit their needs the best. They can get a great deal of information that can help them to make the right decision.

Professional content production companies can make sure that your customers have the advantage of getting good information about your products. If you take a look at the descriptions of products  on most shopping sites, you’ll see that there is a lot missing from them that could be added to informational articles, giving companies that sell those products an advantage.

For example, if you’re shopping for water bottles and carrying systems online, you’ll see the same information over and over again in descriptions. Capacity, the carrying system and the materials of which the bottle is made will all be included. Now, imagine you’re a runner. What you’re probably going to be most concerned with is whether or not the bottle is going to be comfortable to carry while you’re running. Essentially, you’re going to want to know whether or not it’s going to bounce up and down, chafe or be too heavy to carry on a long run. Good content can actually answer these questions, and be interesting.

Consider how information about such a product might be presented in a way that really connects with a customer’s needs. Articles might address topics such as staying hydrated while exercising and give some recommendations about water bottles. Other articles might address the problems that runners sometimes have with equipment chaffing them and point out that some water bottle systems—yours, hopefully—will help them to avoid that problem. Other articles might explain the advantages of various materials for water bottles and tout the materials of which yours are made in particular.

The great thing about this is that you’re not deceiving anyone. You’re actually providing customers with useful information and, in doing so, you’re still steering them toward your product, since it addresses the need mentioned in the writing.


It Works

Customers tend to like companies that show some expertise. They like to know that the products they buy are the results of some sophisticated engineering that takes into account the needs of the people who use those products. By having good quality content online that allows customers to realize all of these advantages, you have a powerful branding tool. Part of the branding advantage is that you connect to the customer as a company that cares about the value of its products and that understands the needs of its customers, which are very powerful things in terms of image.

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