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TypingIf you write for a living, you may start to think twice about giving your writing away for free when you could be spending your time writing and earning a profit. Taking the time to create a personal blog and fill it with rich and informative content is always a good decision to make. A personal blog can enhance your business in new ways.


Marketing You

At the most basic level, a personal blog gives you another chance to market your services. You can write a blog in conjunction with your professional website. Though less formal than an online portfolio, having a personal blog is a great way for new professional writers to land a contract without actually having a large portfolio. Having a personal blog also offers a chance to show people what you have to say. You are free to write from your own perspective and give your own thoughts and opinions.


Establishing Yourself as an Authority Figure

Ideally, as a professional writer, you will have focused your attention to writing on a particular niche. If so, your personal blog is a chance to show your expertise in writing within your area of expertise. Even if you don’t limit your professional writing to a single niche, it is a good idea to focus on one particular niche for your personal blog, because consistency will help you attract a readership. Choosing a single theme allows you to focus on attracting the attention of your potential audience.

People will choose to read your personal blog if you have something of value to say about a topic that interests them. Your posts will illustrate that you are a knowledgeable person with expertise on the topic, and this authority will go a long way. Consistent, high quality content in your subject area can be used to gain leverage in your professional life.

Use your blog to convey yourself as a knowledgeable professional, and you might just land your next professional contract by someone coming across your personal blog. And while you should never write a personal blog with the goal of making money off of it, once you have a large enough following, you may be able to leverage their support to help you with your business endeavors. Through your personal blog, you can make new professional contacts, engage with your readers, and prove your expertise in your writing disciplines.

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