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Getting your blog readers to share your posts with people they know is one of the biggest feelings of success, and a great way to increase your blog’s readership. There are a few things you can do to help encourage readers to want to share your content with others.

First, you want to establish a solid reputation. Your readers should feel confident that you are an authority figure on the subject you are writing about. Your number one goal as the author of a blog is to get your readers to trust what you are telling them. If they believe you have knowledge and expertise on topics that you are writing about, one of the major foundations for trust is already there.

Second, you should try to build a personal connection with your readers. Develop a rapport with your readers by interacting with them on social media or in the comments section of your blog. You do not, and should not, respond to each and every post, but you do want your readers to feel like you care about what they have to say. This will make them more open to sharing your posts with others. If you request that they share your post with people they know, they will be far more likely to comply.

Third, create something worth sharing. Your content has to be very valuable before you can expect your readers to share it. It must be unique, engaging, informative, and entertaining. Readers simply aren’t going to share something that they themselves aren’t interested in. The type of blog posts that people want to share with others are the types of blog posts that leave a lasting impression in their mind.

Fourth, use social media connections to make it easy to share your posts. If you post links to all of your blog posts on your Twitter and Facebook accounts, it is extremely easy for any one of your followers to retweet or Facebook share your posts. Both options also allow readers to comment as well as share.

Fifth, make sure you aren’t making it more difficult than necessary to share your posts. If it takes your readers more than a few seconds to share the post with a friend, they will be much less likely to do so, and you will be losing out on a new potential reader. Add buttons to your site that make it easy for your readers to share your content with others.


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