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BlogMany people wonder why so many blog authors would write so much valuable content for free, without the guarantee of ever seeing a significant profit. Many blogs do eventually make a significant amount of money, but if this is your primary goal in creating a blog, your approach is doomed to fail from the beginning. If you want to succeed, you should focus on developing killer content, not generating revenue.

The most valuable blogs on the Internet aren’t necessarily the ones that make the most money, but the ones that offer the most value to their readers. These types of blogs have a huge following of highly interested readers, and a wealth of valuable information produced over a long period of time.

Good blog posts have been given away for free, yet most offer more value than many e-books that are quickly slapped together to make a quick profit. This causes many people to wonder how writers can afford to give their content away for free. The real question to ask is can you afford NOT to provide stellar content for free? The answer is probably no.

Writers use their blog to establish themselves as a highly qualified writer in their industry. Their blog illustrates that they have a lot of valuable information. If writers were to put all of their great ideas into an e-book and try to sell them, they probably wouldn’t do very well. The fact of the matter is that many people are skeptical about buying products and content online. By having a blog with plenty of valuable information all available for free, writers have already formed a deep level of trust with their readers. It is easier to make the decision to go ahead and purchase an e-book or an online course if your readers feel like they can trust you. They already know that you have valuable things to say, so it is less risky to spend their money and make a purchase.

The goal of writing is to create valuable and interesting content for others to read, and only after you have established that can you leverage the value of your written content can you use it to make a profit or increase your revenue.

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