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KeywordsIncorporating keywords into your blog posts is a great way to ensure that your posts will get good search engine results. You definitely have to be careful in your use of keywords, because it is easy to overdo it and cause more harm than good. Readers will not be happy if your content is littered with keyword-filled sentences that are difficult to read.

Lightly and Naturally Incorporating the Use of Keywords

When keywords are used effectively, you should hardly be able to tell that they are there. The search engines will still be able to find them even if you cannot notice them. The posts should flow naturally, and the keywords shouldn’t inhibit the readability of the text. Some keyword phrases are extremely awkward and simply cannot fit into the flow of a natural English sentence. Try to avoid keywords like these at all costs.

Keywords should also be used sparingly. When you overuse keywords in your writing, search engine algorithms will actually penalize your article and give it a lower ranking, and your readers certainly will not like it either. Aim for a low keyword density and stick to the most important keywords on the topic.

Don’t Annoy Your Readers and Visitors

You definitely do not want to use keywords to mislead your readers. They will not appreciate being led on. If you use keywords to falsely generate traffic to your site, don’t expect those readers to stick around for very long.

Readers of your site will also be extremely annoyed if you overstuff your text with keywords. They will no longer enjoy reading your content, and will lose any incentive to return to your site.

Focus on Relevant Keywords with Less Competition

Some keywords have a lot of competition, meaning there are many other sites with an optimized use of that keyword. If your blog is small, you won’t be able to compete with much larger websites for a popular keyword. Their site will rank much higher in other aspects of the search engine ranking algorithms, so you won’t really have much of a chance.

By choosing less popular keywords, you will be able to rank higher on pages for those terms. There will not be as many people searching less common and less competitive search terms, but the tradeoff in ranking can be worth it. Just whatever you do, do not choose to use keywords that are not related to your posts just to increase your ranking.

Keyword research isn’t the most interesting part of developing a blog, but using keywords effectively is essential if you want a blog that gets plenty of web traffic from search engine results.

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