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Publishing an eBook is a useful tool for professionals of all walks of life, as it lends credibility and establishes you as something of a subject matter expert.  Not everyone has good literary skills, however, no matter how much information they possess, nor the time or the inclination to sit down and put that information on paper, or in this case, electronic format.

A pre-written eBook, however, can allow you to publish right away, without weeks, months or even years of agonizing over a keyboard.  You own all the rights to the book, you can edit it, add to it, modify it in any way you choose, customize the cover, the graphics, put your company name on it or simply publish it as is, and call it your own.  This is an outstanding solution for business owners who wish to publish an eBook but have little time to sit down and try to write one.


eBooks make outstanding promotional tools, as giveaways or rewards for a customer’s signing up to receive newsletters or otherwise providing their email address to your site.  A short eBook of 10 to 20 pages can be purchased for a minimal amount of money, and then made available for download from the site as a sort of bribe.  This is a very inexpensive way to bring in customers and obtain email addresses for marketing purposes.

You may also choose to give away a larger, more comprehensive eBook to special customers, clients who spend a certain amount of money at your site, or even to prospective customers you are hoping to bring in.  A professional, well-written and informative eBook with your business name and logo is much more impressive than a logo imprint pen or keychain.

Selling eBooks Online

You can also sell your eBook, through Amazon Kindle or a variety of other marketing sites, as well as from your own site, to a handsome profit.  Remember, the only cost involved is that of paying for the rights to the book, so anything you make above that is free and clear profit.  Not only are you making money from the book, but it is also functioning as an advertising tool, to bring potential customers to your website.

Some enterprising eBook publishers purchase many eBooks and set up their own eBook store, selling a wide variety of books without actually ever taking the time to write one themselves.  Once again, your pre-written eBook is completely yours to do with as you please, and much like an author who uses a ghostwriter, no one will ever know you did not write it yourself.

When it comes to marketing, time is money.  Taking time to sit down and write a book to publish can take lots of valuable time, during which many potential customers will not be coming to your site to get the free eBook you are offering.  Purchasing a pre-written eBook means you can publish it today, and start promoting your business today, not tomorrow, next month or six months from now.

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