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Inbound links from quality blogs are a critical factor in page ranking for Google and other search engines; however, like everything else on the Internet, once discovered they became quickly over-used and abused.  Owners of successful blogs are positively spammed with poorly written, shamefully promoting guest blog proposals, to the point that many do not even respond to requests.

Also, many bloggers, unable to provide well written posts for quality blog sites, resort to publishing their poorly written guest posts on a great number of low quality blog sites.  Having numerous low quality links to your site can actually hinder, rather than help your search engine rankings.

It’s better to take the time to establish a relationship with a few really good, quality blog sites, and provide high quality material that they will be eager to publish, getting a good quality link back to your site from each one.  This has become difficult, but not impossible.

Relationship Building

Instead of getting tunnel vision around link building, you should concentrate on relationship building.  Get to know the blogger by commenting on their blog, following their blog, and perhaps even connecting with them on a social media page, such as Twitter, Facebook or LinkedIn.  Concentrate on what type of content they seem to prefer to post, and tailor your content to fit.  Promote their blog on your site and to your social media contacts.

Once you actually get invited to post a guest blog, make sure your work is impeccable, thoughtful and informative.  Make sure you represent yourself well with your very best work, and you will be invited to post again and again.  Be sure to include one or two links to your best webpages, including them as anchor text.  Use keywords for which you want to increase your search engine ranking.

Keep Building the Relationship

Don’t stop with just one post.  If this is a successful blog, you can benefit from more than just the inbound links.  Follow up with readers’ comments, and keep up the relationship with the blog owner or editor.  By maintaining solid relationships with other blog owners who have similar interests, you may discover new business opportunities you never even dreamed of.  Blogging is, after all, a community venture, and it’s all about the networking.

Capture a Wider Audience

Guest blogging also allows you to reach a much wider audience than you may be reaching with just your own blog.  These blogs may be similar to yours, but there will be some differences, and in those differences lies a whole other community of people who may be searching for someone like you and your product or services.  Alternatively, if you actually seek out blogs that have a connecting thread yet are completely different, you will be wooing a completely different audience, tapping unexplored resources from a whole new vein of potential customers.

While you may start out simply hoping to build some valuable links to increase your site’s page ranking, guest blogging, done correctly, can bring a wealth of benefits to your business that you weren’t even expecting.

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