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That title may seem like a bit of a tongue twister, but it’s one that rings true.  There’s an interesting trend that I’ve been seeing over the past several months and that is that people want to pay less for content, but they want it to be higher quality.  Unfortunately, it doesn’t work that way and, honestly, what product or service does work that way?  To me, it’s like saying you want to buy an iPhone, but you want to pay the price of a standard flip phone.  You simply can’t expect to buy something fabulous, but pay pennies for it.

I’ve literally seen people posting projects with budgets of $50 for 100 page ebooks! It’s insane.  That’s a nickel per page! If it takes you an hour to write 5 pages of content, that’s just 25 cents per hour!   What’s sad is that there are people willing to work at that rate, but that doesn’t mean that the resulting product is any good.

I recently stumbled across a SEOMoz Webinar by Ian Lurie and in that webinar he depicted the issue of low content budgets perfectly. It looked a little something like this:

Can’t see that little red dot? Yeah, I barely can. Ironically, content is a huge part of SEO, so why do companies budget such a small amount for content?


Too Many “Writers”

One reason is because the market has gotten to the point that it’s flooded with “writers”. I use “writers” in quotes on purpose because many of the individuals out there that are marketing themselves as writers have absolutely no idea what they’re doing.  They are just writing on the side and hoping to make some extra cash.  Worse yet, some are copying the profiles and samples of established, seasoned writers and trying to manipulate their clients into thinking they are something that they aren’t.

Unfortunately, they don’t know anything about SEO, they don’t understand the importance of quality and unique content and they put you at risk of duplicate content and plagiarism because of that.


Too Many Businesses Think They Can Automate Content

Much of what you read about SEO on the web today is grossly outdated.  You’ll read about article marketing and article spinning.  Additionally, tons of software programs were created to help you “automate” these processes.  Unfortunately, if you automate today, you’re likely going to get penalized by Google Panda.  It can be expensive, but the best route is to simply create new and unique content.  That’s one of the keys to better search engine rankings.


Businesses Don’t Realize that Content Helps with Linkbuilding

This one goes back to content being an important part of SEO.  If you write a report or a guide for SEO, you need a writer right?  Of course, so the cost of that writer is going to come out of your content budget and not the SEO budget.  Combining these two budgets may allow more businesses more opportunities in creating quality content rather than buying low quality content from low quality writers.

In addition, you need writers for a lot more than just SEO writing. You need a writer for web content, product descriptions, press releases and other pieces of content that make your website what it is.  One writer can handle several services, so it’s worth it to expand your budget to accommodate all that needs to be written by a professional.


What’s “Expensive” Really Isn’t All That Expensive After All

We get a lot of feedback that our rates are higher than others and we realize that. We can’t compete with new and foreign writers and the low rates that they charge, but you also can’t put a price on our experience.  We’ve been writing for the SEO industry for over 6 years and we’ve done over $1 million in sales.  We’re not huge company, but we are:

  • Experienced
  • Knowledgeable in the best SEO practices (including the up-to-date ones) and always trying to learn more
  • Professional
  • Timely in deadlines and communication
  • Efficient
  • Competitively priced

When you look at these qualities, it’s hard to say that we’re overpriced because we are provide a lot behind the scenes and we’re always available.  We don’t automate, we write from scratch, we do our research and we try to provide the best quality that we can.  We are always working to provide the best user experience for our buyers that we can.  We offer revisions if we don’t hit the mark the first time (even though we try to very hard). That’s a lot of service that you won’t get with a lot of writers and I believe that justifies our rates, which I feel are actually quite competitive.


Don’t Skimp and Save Money Later

By not skimping on your content now, I can almost guarantee that it will save you money in the long run.  We have had more clients come back to us because they went with someone cheaper and they received content written by foreigners that couldn’t be comprehended or they’ve experienced penalties due to duplicate content or similar issues.  Prevent stress and save money by having it done right the first time.

A professional SEO writing company can help your business in various areas, so why not expand that content budget a little bit and see what quality content can do for you?

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