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As a writing company, we pride ourselves on prompt communication and we try to make sure that we are clear on all project details and requirements before moving forward.  Unfortunately, it seems that sometimes even this is not enough to have a project written without a hitch.

We understand that revisions sometimes happen and that we can’t please everybody, we learned this a long, long time ago.  Even though we try to get a project 100% right the first time, there are times that revisions are needed and we understand that.  However, it’s also important that our clients are prompt in their communication and provide us much detail as they can when it comes to writing their project.

To assist our clients in providing us with the details we require, we have three questionnaires that can be downloaded from our site.  We also provide these on projects in Elance that we are awarded to further assist buyers who may need the additional help in providing us the details we require.  We have questionnaires for:

  • Web Content
  • Article and Blog writing
  • Press releases
  • eBooks

They can be downloaded here.

One of the reasons that we use email as our main communication, we are able to keep all project details in writing and so that they can be later referred back to if necessary.  This has proven to be important time and time again.

We take great pride in being very quick to respond to any and all messages.  We often have clients who wonder if we even sleep.  While we do, we make ourselves available to the very last minute, as many of our clients are out of the country and we try to be available as much as possible.

If revisions are required, we do our best to complete them promptly and usually within 24 hours. Revisions are offered within the scope of the project though, so we only offer revisions on what we wrote.  We also only offer revisions 14 days after the work is turned in, as it is not feasible to request revisions on a project that is older than two weeks due to the conflicts with scheduling such a request can make.

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