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There’s a disturbing trend going around the SEO writing world right now and it has been for a few months.  They are called “Build My Rank” articles (a.k.a. BMR articles) and they are basically short, 150 word articles with one link in them.

There are a few reasons that this is disturbing to me:

  1. You’re paying for links; something Google considers a black hat method of SEO.  Google HATES paid links.
  2. They are too short! The service requires the articles to be at least 150 words, but unfortunately that’s barely enough space to form a coherent thought much less provide useful and insightful information that the search engines and readers can appreciate.
  3. People are posting projects for these on Elance and paying very little for them, so it’s probably safe to assume the quality is not good either.

It seems that even though the Panda update last year caused a huge rift, people are still not learning from their mistakes and keep on making the same ones.  The best way to build your rank is to not use a service called Build My Rank (that should seem a little fishy in the eye’s of Google anyway) and to follow what they have already shown us they will rank you for. In fact, this link network is no different than any of the other link networks of the past that don’t work anymore (like LinkVine or LinkVana).

Simple and Common Sense Ways to Build You Rank

The best way to improve search engine rankings is to do what the search engines do like and these have all been learned from seeing what they don’t like through the various Panda update rollouts that took place last year.

  • Provide quality content
  • Build brand-name anchor text links
  • Use content-based linkbuilding
  • Use on-site linkbait to draw in links
  • Post to high-quality and relevant directories
  • Become a resource
  • Don’t over use the same anchor text in linkbuilding

What Won’t Build Your Rank

  • Low amount of original content
  • Low quality content and high number of pages with low original content
  • High percentage of duplicate content
  • High percentage boilerplate content
  • High amount of irrelevant advertisements
  • Unnatural use of a word on a single page
  • Meta tags that don’t match the page content
  • Article spinning
  • Links in guest posts that aren’t relevant
  • Scraping from blogs
  • Posting to low quality directories

Interestingly, there’s a lot more items that won’t build your rank than there are those that will.  Sticking with the simple and common sense methods will yield the best results in the long run.

Make Lasting Long-Term Investments

These services tend to have short-term success. It is just a matter of time before Google decides it’s nothing more than buying links and they will slap it out just like they did content farms and link networks last year.  From what others who have use this service have written, it is expensive and time consuming and you’re better off putting your effort to better use elsewhere.

If you’re going to spend time and money, make your investment worth it.  Articles on your website and blog that attract links and attention are going to have a lasting effect and will help you build your rank the natural way, which is the best way.

Link networks have come and gone and they will likely continue that way. It doesn’t take much time at all until they become fruitless and leave you having spent hundreds or thousands of dollars on links that may actually harm you in the long run.

Finally, I can’t stress enough that quality does matter.  I recently had someone tell me they just needed short articles for SEO, and that quality and grammar didn’t matter.  I just looked at my computer screen and shook my head.  The search engines want to return quality results to searches because they know the readers want quality.  They are penalizing low-quality and rewarding high quality!  Quality matters! It’s that simple.

Of course, if you don’t have the time or ability to write quality content yourself, you’ve always got Words You Want to turn to. 🙂

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