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The difference between web content and articles is an issue that I run into quite frequently because there’s a vary vague line as to where the switch over is in some cases.  However, there is a substantial difference between the two types of writing and thus a difference in price.

Web Content

Web content or web copy is defined as the homepage, about us, service pages, FAQs, etc.  These are the pages of your website that have a sales oriented focus. This means that the content has to be written so that it focuses on the business itself and in a marketing style. Due to the sales oriented nature of web content, our rate is 10 cents per word.  Basically, 100 words is $10.


Articles are defined as any content for a website or blog that is informational in nature and does not have a sales oriented focus.  Granted, there are times when articles must contain a call to action at the end of it, but overall, these are informational articles that are there to inform the reader rather than sell to the reader.  Our rate for articles and blogs is around 3 cents per word depending on the length of the article.  Rates can vary because very long articles are more time consuming and thus our rate is adjusted accordingly.

The Difference

The important difference here is that sales oriented content costs more because it’s more difficult and time consuming to write.  It’s a totally different style and form of writing than article or blog writing.  Although all content may be posted to your website, not all content is sales-oriented and that’s the differentiating factor for a writer when it comes to rates.

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