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Whether you’re a real estate site, a travel site or have a brick and mortar business as well as a website, local search can play a major factor in your site receiving relevant traffic. There are several ways to take advantage of local search listings through Google Maps, Facebook Places and a variety of review sites, but what about the content on your own website? Does it do anything to improve your local search results?

Whether or not your content is working for you from a local standpoint should really be considered. Are local keywords worked into your content pages? Do you blog regularly and use local information and keywords that will attract visits from the search engines or do you just write like everyone should already know where you are and what you do?

Another point to consider is including content on your site that doesn’t have anything to do with your business, but everything to do with what is going on around you. Talk about local events, local attractions, places to visit, etc. The more you talk about your local community, the greater the chances are that another local business will return the favor and talk about your establishment as well. This is a great linkbuilding opportunity!

For example, let’s say you have a seafood restaurant in San Diego. Your blogs should talk about your business and what you have to offer the community, but also what events you’re participating in and what attractions are located nearby. These are great opportunities to work in phrases such as, “Once you’re done at SeaWorld, stop over for a nice relaxing dinner on our patio to unwind. After all, we’re a favorite San Diego seafood restaurant!”

This strategy can be used by any type of business in any location. Some of the best article titles that utilize this strategy are “Top X” and “Best of” articles. And, of course, if you need help writing and coming up with topics, Words You Want has you covered!

Google has shown the SEO world in the last year that they want to see useful and relevant content on your website. They are encouraging this and they are rewarding websites that are doing it right. Words You Want can assist you in creating reader friendly content that not only boosts your local search, but improves the quality of your website at the same time.

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