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Last month the eBooks To Go Store pretty much sold out after our PR went out about how prewritten eBooks allow you to start selling your own informational products almost instantly. Once you purchase the book, all you need is a website and you’re ready to start marketing your new product.  The eBooks in our eBooks To Go store belong to you 100% upon purchase. They are not resold or reused in anyway by Words You Want or anybody else.  As soon as a product is sold, we take it down from the site and send it off to you. You own all of the rights to the product after purchase.

We’re working to keep our store stocked and have released a new title today.  How to Win the Dating Game: A Guide to Dating in the 21st Century is 60 pages of relationship and dating advice for those new to the dating scene or those that are re-entering the dating scene.  The eBook package includes the book, pictures, cover, 3D cover and sales letter. All of this for just $825! Go check it out today!

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