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When it comes to writing, it goes without saying that a writer can’t always match or write in the style that you’re looking for.  Some writers just can’t write humor, while others write with a lot of humor, but lack in research and information.  It really comes down to strengths and weaknesses. Our strength at Words You Want is to provide well-researched and informative articles, so our weaknesses tend to be really funny or really salesy content. It’s just not our style and we’ve found that the majority of our clients want well-researched and informational articles, while also being conversational, so that’s what we excel in and work hard to achieve.  If you want a joke book, we’re not the company you want to hire.  It’s just not our forte, and we’re fine with that.

Think about your favorite author and your least favorite author. Why do you like your favorite author? Perhaps you love Nicholas Sparks because his novels are always so heart touching and romantic.  However, for someone else, his books may be too easy to predict. A couple falls in love, they have some sort of problem that tears them apart and then they come back together at the end.  The bottom line is you just don’t like his style. One book may have been good for you, but you’re not running out to buy them all. It’s the same way with SEO writers.  One article is good, but perhaps you don’t care for all of their writing because it’s just not a style you enjoy over and over.  On the other hand, you might love the fact that every article from a particular writer is informational and consistent and you always know what you’re going to get. When you deal with writers that use a lot of humor, you don’t always know how much information versus humor you’re going to get.

The bottom line is that no matter how high ranking or how popular a writer or writing company is, it doesn’t mean that they’re going to be a good fit for your project.  It’s not that they’ve failed somehow, it’s just that your personal preference in writing style just doesn’t match how they write.  It’s not the writer’s fault and it’s not your fault, it’s just not going to work out due to style differences.

The best way to determine if a writer’s style is what you are looking for is by looking at the samples in their portfolio. A good writer will always have samples for you to browse and ideally they will have samples over a variety of topics. For instance, we have over 100 different article samples in our portfolio for potential clients to read and browse. We’re also always adding new categories to the portfolio to cover as many bases as possible.  We do our best to provide potential clients with ample opportunity to review our work so they have an idea of the quality and information that they’re going to get.


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