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The Short Version has been significantly affected by the new Google Panda change.  This has resulted in them changing their rules (again) and suspending accounts that have articles written over the same topic multiple times.  After they suspended our account and sent us a ridiculous email about how we should delete some of our content, we have decided that we will no longer be using, because we will not be deleting the content that our clients have paid for and have paid us to submit.  We will be replacing them in our packages with a different, high-ranking directory (to be announced). However this change will be evening the playing field for other websites and directories, so I encourage you to read the following for more details on this change.


The Long Version

As many of you know, Google recently changed their algorithm (referred to as the Google Panda change) and it has significantly affected the amount of traffic that some websites and directories are receiving, specifically has been receiving.  The change took affect February 24th and announced their concern on February 28th after receiving a 35% drop in traffic.  We’ve been in a limbo waiting to see what is going to do in response and we’ve now had to make the decision to no longer submit articles to them after they suspended our account and sent us this message when we inquired about it:

Your account is currently suspended due to submitting articles that
contain re-hashed content. We require all articles to be 100%
original and unique, therefore we will not accept submissions that
offer the same tips and advice as an author’s previous articles.

Please review your account and delete what you feel fails to deliver
on quality. Moving forward, we are asking that you proof all your
articles and be sure they include unique content that provides value
to your readers.


Our quality standards are always rising, and we need to ensure that
the articles submitted are going to provide a good user experience.
Submitting tens or hundreds of articles on the same topic with the
same information does not create a good experience for the reader.

In the future, please be sure that each article is unique and that it
delivers value so that you can build trust and credibility with your


Once you have reviewed your account, and have removed articles that
do not deliver value to your readers please reply so we can review
your account for reinstatement.


Thank you,

Yes, asked that I DELETE the articles that my clients have paid to have written and submitted to their directory.  This is not something that I will do.  Every article that we write is unique, despite the fact that they might cover the same topics or keywords, but after all, that was what article marketing has been based on over the years.   How are you supposed to create content related to a field when you can’t write more than one article about the same topic? We strive to provide educational and informational articles despite how many times we have written over the subject.  We are adamantly against article spinning or “article vomit” as refers to it and we do not employ these practices.  Every article is handwritten to be unique and offer information on the topic, therefore we don’t belong in this class of low quality content that EzineArticles is trying to put us in.

Ezine is attempting to narrow down their pool of authors to those business owners that only have the ability to write and post a couple articles per month.  This is quite ironic since they have been hosting “100 articles in a 100 days” contests over the past couple of years and the fact that their blog post prior to their “announcement of concern” states that to compete in today’s market, you need to have at least 200-500 articles submitted to get the same traffic as you received just a few years ago off of a dozen articles

There’s a lot of speculation and opinion going around that the reason that has been affected so much is due to the fact that every page has at least 8 ad blocks on them and that Google is targeting sites that are heavily loaded with advertisements.  Many feel that this is why they are being targeted, while sites like are not.  eHow has more emphasis on their content, although it is often lacking in value, and does not emphasize as much advertisement. They have half the number of ads per page than has.  In fact, our own article directory,, has literally doubled in traffic since this change.  This fact and the fact that none of the other article directories have addressed this change shows that it is actually creating a more even ground as far as article directory competition.

For many years, EzineArticles has been a complicated directory to work with, as their editors often base their decisions on their personal opinion, and we all know that opinions are subjective.  Not to mention that their rules and regulations are constantly changing.  In fact, at one point Chris Knight encouraged localized keywords only to turn around and change his mind about that a few months later.  This meant one day you could use a keyword with a city or state in the title and the next day you couldn’t.  Changes like these are constantly occurring.  We are more than happy to adjust and make changes in order to meet the editorial requirements of  Changing word counts, keyword density, etc., is not something we’re opposed to.  We have even adapted to not using countries/cities in titles for the sake of ensuring articles are accepted, but we are opposed to having a site tell us that our content is not valuable to the reader and to delete it if we want our account back.  What kind of company is willing to ask their authors to do this in the first place? If I were willing to do this, who’s to say that they won’t agree with my opinion.

One of the main selling points of article marketing is the fact that it’s a long-term link building investment.  We’re not going to strip our clients of the links that they have paid for, so we will simply no longer use this website. They have long been the “content Nazis” of the article directories, but this is taking it too far.  Saying that, they have announced that they are going through the site and removing content that they feel is not valuable, so you may or may not have some of your articles deleted by  Please know that we have nothing to do with this and that they are doing this on their own accord.

Due to the fact that our packages are based on the submission to 5 article directories, we will be replacing with another directory for the remainder of this month’s packages.  This directory will be a popular site with a high page ranking.  This will be announced later. Another reason that we have decided to no longer submit to is because we would have to increase our article marketing prices and submitting to EzineArticles would become pointless, as you wouldn’t be able to write over the same topic more than once and the small number of articles you would be able to submit wouldn’t be worth the money or the effort.

We will also be looking at revamping our own article marketing strategies as well as content development and packages to better serve our clients.  These changes will likely be gradual as we assess how the directories are affected by these changes, as well as the type of content that Google is encouraging.

If you would like to read more about this change, this is the blog post from Google:

If you would like to read the blog on this matter, it is here:

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