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A lot of our clients at Words You Want have questions regarding what exactly SEO packages are and how the process works.  The process is simple.  Once you decide that you want to try our web marketing strategies, you place an order and then communicate with us regarding your article specifications.

If you have ordered one of our SEO packages, then you need to send a separate email with your keywords/topics, your pen name and the two links you want to include in your resource box.  However, many of our clients contact us after the fact to give specifics on article direction, writing style, and appropriate subject matter.  We encourage these notes and tidbits, as they help us to better match a freelance writer to the project, avoid costly rewrites, and allow us to finish the project immediately.

When choosing article marketing, we provide one resource box to subtly promote your company according to the requirements of major article directories.  This is where you can include the two links and special anchor text that you would like to use.  This anchor text should be the keywords that you want to improve your search engine ranking for.

As soon as the articles are finished and professionally edited and evaluated, we send the articles back awaiting your approval.  When you approve the articles sent to you, we submit your articles to five of the most important and highly trafficked websites on a week to week basis.

We then provide profile links so you can see the posted articles “live.” (If you use our services monthly, save these links, as they will show all of the articles that we post for you.)  For the best search engine ranking results, we encourage you to regularly order article marketing services.  The search engines reward websites that have a combination of:

  • High quality content
  • Popularity
  • Keyword relevancy and repetition
  • A quantity of articles over a period of weeks, months and years
  • External and internal links

In order to achieve the maximum satisfaction for your purchase, we encourage you to keep precise web tracking statistics (you can see your sources of traffic from the directories in your web analytics program) so you can track your return on investment and feel confident about the gains you are reporting.

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