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Many people don’t understand the purpose of article marketing.  The point is not to spread a bunch of sales letters all over the web, but to provide information in a non-salesy manner about your product or service.  There are two parts of an article that is intended for article marketing.

The first part is the body of the article itself.  Here, you talk about your product or service in a general and informational manner.  You shouldn’t show bias towards one company or another in the article. You should simply talk about the topic in an informational and educational manner.  When we write articles for article marketing packages, that is exactly what we do, while also working in your keywords.  Our goal is to ensure that your articles pass, because there’s no point in article marketing if you’re not submitting your articles here.  They are the top article directory with the most stringent editorial guidelines, so all of our articles are written to ensure that they pass those guidelines.

The second part of the article is the resource box and this is what the directories refer to as your “take.”  This is where you include your “call-to-action” and encourage the reader to visit  your website and check out your product.  This is also where you link to your website and gain SEO value from your article submissions.  The links that you use in the resource box should be relevant to your site and should be something more than “click here,” as that provides no SEO value.  We recommend linking to any keywords that you are trying to rank well for in the search engines and utilizing those in your resource boxes. only allows two links per article and your anchor text cannot be longer than three main words. Stop words, such as “in,” aren’t counted in the anchor text.

The bottom line is that if your article’s body is salesy, the article directories will not accept them and will require that they be revised to remove any promotional content.  In some cases, this may even mean not using a brand name of a product that you sell in your article body.  However, a good rule of thumb is that if the articles are written in a way that will pass, they will also pass all of the other directories.

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