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Simple answer? Yes. Web designers have a lot on their plate. They are responsible for creating a website template, writing HTML and Java language and perfecting the layout of the website to the client’s specification. Web designers are also put in charge of finding web graphics and icons, which are essential to a website’s marketability.

Many web designers expect you, the website owner, to provide articles for SEO marketing. Web designers are not professional writers and usually cannot be bothered with writing individual web pages. After all, they’re making thousands of dollars a week by creating websites. Writing a few content pages on the side only slows down their income.

What about web designers or web firms that claim they offer web design and web writing? Easy one—they outsource the writing to an SEO or writing firm of their choice and add the cost to your bill. Rest assured, if they are using a quality firm, they are charging you double what they pay to get the work done. The most honest web designers in the business will tell you to write your own content, or work with a writing firm on your own. That way, you can reduce your total expenses by avoiding package deals and only paying for what you need.

The easiest thing to do is to write content yourself, right? Sure, but writing for the web is not as easy as it might seem. The very idea of knowing that your words are being shown to millions of people across the country is enough to discourage many businesspersons from writing fulltime. They prefer to sell—to market! They don’t want to have to worry about writing dozens of articles a day and spending another hour correcting their spelling and grammar.

What about the option of hiring an individual freelancer? It may seem cheaper at first, but you will soon find that the best writers charge more or less the same price as a writing firm. Cheap freelance writers are usually overseas, speak little English, report inaccurate information, or plagiarize someone else’s work. A writing firm has the added advantage of more personnel (meaning more variety, and greater dependability) and technical knowledge of Search Engine Optimization practices.

Instead of paying for a package deal, hire a web designer and work with a writing firm on a regular basis. Remember, if you want to keep readers coming back to your site, you must provide fresh content on a monthly or even weekly basis.

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