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What do cheap SEO packages buy you? There’s a big difference between cheap packages and affordable practices. Ideally, none of us in the SEO business want to sell a cheap product. Cheap web content doesn’t “sell.” Search engines don’t like bad writing and neither do your customers. Here are four characteristics of bad web writing. Avoid these issues by avoiding the lowest offer.

1. Plagiarism

Cheap SEO packages mean nothing if there is a lack of original content. Some freelance writers will recycle web articles and merely use underhanded tactics in attempt to increase web rankings. (These are called “black hat” SEO tricks) Unfortunately, they do not work. Search engines will not list web pages that are duplicates of existing pages. Furthermore, a case of plagiarism could land you in legal trouble. Why not opt for quality SEO packages for a low price that guarantee original content?

2. Poor English and Grammar

Cheap SEO packages should be cheap for you, but not cheap in writing quality. Make sure that you speak to someone who can assure you that they employ a staff of native English speakers. Outsourcing web content overseas usually results in broken English, bad grammar, incorrect spelling, and a general lapse in coherent thought. Good writing is not all about attitude or excitement—it’s about word choice, sentence structure and voice.

3. Inaccurate Information

Cheap SEO packages are discounted for quantity. However, the cheapest of the cheap will only bring you inaccurate information. As soon as your audience figures out that you have no idea what you’re talking about, you have lost them forever. An SEO firm only employs writers who are careful to verify dubious information before writing it. You must come across as an authority. Quality SEO articles are worth paying for. However, they do not have to be expensive.

4. Robot Articles

There is nothing literate human beings hate worse than reading robot articles, that is, articles produced for search engines. These are the SEO equivalent of SPAM. They target no one in particular and gratuitously use keywords in hopes of getting high rankings. Unfortunately, cheap SEO packages that cheapen the writing face the wrath of human editors and ruthless online viewers who use that “back” button like an automatic rifle. Make sure that your web content is always interesting, informative, up to date and relevant to a targeted search.

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